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And S. T. go up a little bit later on this hour we are going to talk to you about whether or not you've ever met anybody online I am here to tell you that no good can come of it any anything I've seen it with regards to meeting someone online no good can come of it but people still do it and that's fine if that is your if that's the way you go about doing things which we were just telling the story about how it was robbed by ninjas and I remember I did tell you my daughter doesn't believe the my daughter thinks I made that whole thing up and I say no no they were actually ninjas that they're actually chum tough tricky it's and off of the building of the banking that's what the that's what happened I get a great story to talk about that again the mind mindset that we are in the holiday season we want to remind you and this is more of a public service announcement on a talk show situation here so please take this information a hard you need to avoid being snow globe I had never heard of it before it just yesterday but snow glow being is the latest trend to look out for this winter it happens when the magic of Christmas makes a relationship seem more serious than it actually is what happened the I yes based on what I am able to glean from the information here is that you start dating somebody around you know this time of year after thanksgiving in the cold snow globe in because it has to do with Christmas and things seem really warm and fuzzy and emotional and you have somebody to go out all the Christmas parties with and you watch sit down and watch all the hallmark movies about ghetto whoever gash Lee Williams of laci chambray whatever their and they go off and do a magical things on the hallmark channel and you drink cocoa and you walk around to go shopping and look at Christmas trees and all that fun stuff and then the nano second that the holiday season is over one of the people and that and you come to find out that all they were looking for all they wanted out of this relationship was somebody to be with during the holiday period that's all anybody was looking for and if that ever happens to you you know that you just got snow globe a and apparently there are ways to avoid it to and this doesn't make you sound media at all like as if you don't want to be stuck I would imagine that men do more snow globe and then women just because men suck more than just think if you try to arrange something but if they tell you if you want to determine if you're being snow globe you need to try to make plans for after the holiday season like made hot make hard plans were like tickets have to be purchased and there's a commitment right there and if the person is is hesitant to make those types of plans know that you are probably being snow globes rather free everything has to have a name it could be that you just realized after the magic of the holiday season and seeing all the couples together and watching all the hallmark movies you realize that you didn't want to be with that person that's what dating is all about but because it happens during the holidays you end up having to give it a a in a an official designation an official name mark coming up bad things that happen if you meet anybody online so I'm so glad I met my wife before the internet thing became huge but call before that was the way you met people because I did I didn't have to worry I would I'd be dead right now because I would agree I would so desperately would have agreed to meet people eight eight zero fifty six seventy eight that's eight zero K. an STD my name is Casey Bartholomew I'm Sittin on the morning ritual with Garrett Lewis at six thirty three you're listening to king an S. T. E. A. M. seven ninety two sons most stimulating talk.

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