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Quote now you might wonder why the league would even bother making that official clarification i mean there isn't even a cfl team in halifax yet although talks are apparently ongoing well here's why yesterday the cfl in halifax account tweeted at a potential logo for a potential halifax football team the halifax explosions the accompanying tweet reads quote one hundred years ago a force was unleashed that made this city stronger bigger and more united than ever before now we channel that force onto the football field as we flatten all that stands in our way hashtag history and another tweet featuring mocked up halifax explosions uniforms reads quote these blazing hot uniform concepts for the halifax explosions is the last thing other teams would see before realising it's too late unquote see evelyn halifax his twitter mentions are certainly blowing up and so our people i will skip all the tweeted shock profanity and disbelief and sum up the response by saying for the most part it seems the vast majority don't support naming a team after a blast that killed about two thousand people and injured nine thousand others so it's tasteless but it's also just a lousy name because yes sure you want a football team to sound powerful but not like an unmitigated disaster in 2019 cleveland's major league baseball team will take the field without a caricature of a grinning indigenous person on their uniforms major league baseball said today that the mascot known as chief wall who was not appropriate on the field although there will be no ban on putting the mascot on merchandise.

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