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Historical exercise like at that point you're just throwing and because these characters have so much history you simply have to wait for someone to have like a good idea with the character and take that character and how the only care about them again i could example ed brubaker on captain america he wrote the captain america comics and they had a berry kind of espionage by bent to them but also tied very much to current affairs and there were like lots of lots of like you know allegories for things and wacky stuff like that he took that and like you know what was considered hokey character and i mean his work on bucky as bucky in the winter soldier like that is now in the movies that's now how people think of america it sounds so weird but you just have to wait for someone to come along and have a good idea in yeah there will always be comic they're always be batman comics but you know maybe not as prominently and you're like you know marble keeps walloping dc in the movie frost right right well and and you mentioned earlier to that like the companies seem to think that comic book wise fans don't remember all this crazy product placement you remember and so they're doing it again like recently there was a run of ironman issues where he teamed up with the eminem's and so the like the red eminem and yellow eminem receive iron man suits from iron man and then like fight alongside him which is just a fullon commercial for candy like it's not even a story and then also last year marvel was about to do a whole line of comics with northrop grumman the defense industry contractor and only didn't do it because there were a bunch of there was a bunch of outcry protests on the internet but they were going to do a thing where like a team from and keep saving the day in the way that the avengers can't and then also build in ads where the ad is like a split page where one side has an adventure and it says dream.

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