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The French McCall has. Has delayed for now the gas tax increase due to the yellow jacket protesters that are burning down Paris. So I guess I guess rioting works to keep increasing taxes. Who knows who knew you know, something I learned Ramon? You know, why the French to eat snails so much? They don't like fast food. You know, what I need room? I need somebody who can Email me and help me get tickets to London because the tickets are too much. I'm trying to fly out to London around Christmas and coming back in little more than a week. So if you have somebody out there has it all figured out some of you out there, real smart analyst type people in you've got the website. On how I can get a great reduction. I'd really like to get business class seats for economy class fare is that asking too much, but some of you out there probably have a good system. I'm flying from San Diego, by the way, I'll drive up to LAX if I have to but I'm flying from San Diego or you can just put in LAX because I think it'll be cheaper to London. And then flying back a little over a week later D Houston. So if there's somebody out there that has this website that is that you just event Jellicoe about how great it is. Please send me an Email, Michael Michael berry, show dot com. Michael Michael berry, show dot com. On the issue of our twelve days of Christmas. I can't remember if I told but on the the lady that needed a roof Arlanda Larry's show, Walter is helping there I got an update from Josh Benoi on that. So that continues along we don't have our choice for tomorrow. I had to pick our person for tomorrow. People keep sending me. Hey, Bob Jones, these help here's his phone number. I can't really put out the word for needs. Help. Help me help. You hear helped me help? You figure out the one thing that person needs. And I'll see if I can get it taken care of you. Tell me a woman has key Lloyd's owner ear she would like to have those key removed. She's a grocery store clerk at a small town grocery store. She's twenty years old. Can you imagine going on a date with these awful things on your ears? She she has no insurance. She can't get them to I can call my dermatologist and get that cut off. If you tell me somebody quote needs help or really needs help there's not a lot I can do. So that person's not gonna get any help identify a discreet specific thing that we can isolate and take care of may not be the biggest most important thing. But it would be something, right? Recreational pot becomes legalized in Michigan today..

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