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Why are you out of your mind, none of them? They're all professional women. So how does this work? You you pay them. I say to them. Hi, I understand you're going to function est week. I'd like to take you to it. And they'll say, you know, most of the time. It's okay. But then I say, but you know, what I think I'll pay you. Anyway, I'll pay you. Anyway, what is the stay with you Henry? That's exactly what I say don't they get offended by that. I explained to them. There's no ulterior motive, I'm running an escort service. And I want to get it up to speed and get it up and running. So let me pay you, and I'll take you out to the to your function. And they so why why turn you down? They all they all say. Yes. I have they all said, yes. Yeah. Boy. Well, have they? Almost all of them almost all of them almost all the mess. A- seven even though they're getting paid say no because because they get put off by shows like Henry's that make fun of short guys and the hare system. When I told him, I got a hair system. And I and they give me the chance to explain their fine. But when I say, I've got a hair system, and let me explain a lot of them, you know, not a lot. But a few few them just just blow it off. Right. So I mean blow it off. What what are we doing here, man? We're talking to Chris Norton. I'm just telling you guys that the next time you bring this Chris Norton on and he's talking about how sexy is remember that you talked to Bob green. What is that supposed to be think about it? Misery doesn't let nobody hang up. You You can't can't hang hang up. up. You you go when we say you go, oh, really watch this. No, you're still there till they're what you're still there. Got Bob given. We'll we'll hang up being on infill. All right, Bob. Listen will hang up on you. Hold on. I'm hanging up iron hanging up. I get to hang up. Lis? Let me hang up. Please. Let me hit Bob green. By the way. Chris went to. Thank you for joining us on short notice. Right. Having to do it. But if that dude he's got he's got a couple of screw loose. Yeah. He's got a couple of screws. All right. Thanks a lot, man. And by the way, my Chris Norton Robert green here on the world famous Fillon ratio. Now, what a boy did you start off in a Bank with that one. What was the purpose of that? He's been bugging assault, bud. Vid. Caller all weeks in. Yeah. Yeah. This guy. Chris norton. I'm Bob green green. And with green run as a cold Frazier foods. Yeah. Yeah. I'm with Frazier foods in any way. I happen thinking, I got just bust. Sesame peels?.

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