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Ahead voice. Your opinion. We want to hear from you. Eight eight eight nine two nine ten thirty six one seven two five four ten thirty. This is weekend. Live on WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty my guest. Mr. Billy west began breaking in with Charles Lockwood. Err on the big mattress many many years ago on WBZ n packed up. His troubles in his old kit pack and went out to California and has been making a lot of a smile laugh and at times to I with the classic animation that he's been involved with since I'm gonna say early eighties. Let's see not early eighties. I I get into radio officially like around nineteen eighty right was when I I work with Charles at WBZ WBZ end, and you know, and I used to just write bits. And I and I like I said I worked with Eddie over there. We we kinda like each other is kinda like soul mates, you know, in the trenches working together, we were writing original comedy. I don't know how great it was. But, but at least we're doing something original. And and I felt good about that. I never wanted to be a disc jockey? But I loved production could create scenarios in bits, and I had to learn to edit tape, you know. Editing. Now is so much more. Simple. All I know a razor blade to cut the tape. It just the right spot. It's all done with the computer now. Well, people have no idea like there's a splicing block. And it's got to gorgeous on it one is on the angle of one a straight up and down. And if you wanted to take out a part of something that you didn't think belong to our unique recorded it you had to take two reels of tape and do it manually run the spot over and over and it would go. And then you had the pencil white grease pencil and you had to make a market, many, straight edge razor blade and you had to cut it right there. And then you splicing tape the whole thing, you know. And now just with a touch on a computer screen. It's done. Yeah. You kids. I wanna finish talking about Eddie Gordievsky because I think he had his fingers on the pulse of five TV series through his boss, his partner. Whatever Chuck Lori was. And Bill pretty as well. Pray. Yeah. I I I knew those guys you know, when when eighty. Began to white with them. And and truck, you know, really liked daddy. And you know, an Eddie he deserved everything. He got he worked really hard for years and any road for a lot of TV shows and stuff, but then when he got involved with producing the big bang theory. His name was on that twelve seasons. I know. And this is it's last year. I know, but you know, you he'll wind up doing something different. You know? I mean something related, but just mill I know I know he's gonna keep working till he probably drops dead. But he's got another thirty forty fifty years. Why stop? Well what I do. I used to wonder years ago. I used to wonder why seeing old man bagging groceries upper store, you know. And I said he doesn't need to work. He's gotta be retired. Why like seeing the world and everything and the older I got I began to understand. Why somebody does that is because when you retire you go mom in the phone stops ringing. Yeah. And and and all of a sudden what a horrible feeling it must be not be needed for anything anymore. And you stagnant. You might. Yes. I you for anything that must be a horrific feeling. And I kind of like what they did with the big bang theory. They branched off and came up with young Sheldon. Yeah. That that's going to be around for at least another two three years and mom funny is going to be around for at least another two three four years. And they're gonna be getting paychecks those things called residuals and yell the end of time. Oh, absolutely. You know, it's it's really amazing business. I mean, it it's worth the way. Like, no matter how long of a crawl you have become successful. When it finally does. It's like remember that actor five ish Finkel. Yes. I do he was in picket fences. He was ninety five years old and he got a TV series. And I saw them one night front of some place. There was a function inside me the limos pull up, you know, and he gets out looks up. And you looks the happiest man in the world. You know, we got everything he probably always wanted. But you don't there's no guarantee when you'll get it, right? How long keep it? Exactly. So he looks so happy was like. Wonderful. You know, he reminded me a little of your professor character. In futurama. Culinary wall. Bad news. I don't want to live on this planet. Sydney ball. Rickety. They told me was one hundred and forty seven years old and cheesy must dust or something. Jiggled? I shook like I had some sort of like, yeah. You know, neurological condition just out of that old. And and I would put it into the voice, you know, you can hear this wobbly wiggling bet y'all. Frawley? Pule? Well, I want when I started I had to start without you. I'm sorry. But I want you to tell people something old is new again animation from back in the day is coming back on a number of options number of networks, the number of stations. And I want you to tell people what we should be looking out for this fall. Would new stuff. Well, new old stuff. Maybe that's the best way to say. Lou old stuff. Well, I did. I am doing a show. It started on Netflix. And now, I guess it's on it might be on boomerang. But we did a version starting in two thousand seventeen the latest version of wacky races. That's one. Yeah. And that is reboot of a reboot of reboot. I think they they did it like three or four times. Right. And it was always fun and. This is one of the gruesome twosome, there's Bella and tiny tiny just was this big huge, Frankenstein monster that sounded of course, like kinda Boris Karloff. Else taste school? Wall. And and then, you know, motley, of course, what's what's is like a it's such a hard. You know, like when he agrees with some he'll go. You know, and then he'll laugh and snicker at somebody's misfortune, which is hilariously funny. But I had to do it whoever. Did it originally sounded like they had pleurisy? You know, they have the squeeze that that just was stuff. Wasn't it during Mesic? That's what I heard. But I'm not sure about that. Okay. I'm not sure about that. But it's entirely possible. The guy was dynamo. You know, and I met him and had a good conversation with them. But that character has evolved. So much sense the precious pup character. Granny. Oh, yeah. I remember that and that that was the part of the atom ant package, and I. Between that character and the Astro character. They kept changing and making changes, and we got used to them. That's right. Astro? Yep. And he did Scooby doo. Yes. He did. He was quite a dynamo, man. He's this little guy in when I was working in radio showed up the radio station. And he asks for me. And I was like what the hell is this? And I guess he ran into somebody that knew that I worked there, and he happened to be a Boston just comes by the station. He didn't qualify or any matches showed up just showed up. And and boy was it fun. Well. He just let loose behind a microphone fame. My favorite domestic characters were Glueck leap from the hurricane. Okay. To do that like. Yup. Remember? And they knew what they were saying no one else did they have their own language. But he, but he was playing there in that trying to make your voice sound like it's coming through some kind of you know, synthesizer or something. You know when he started doing that? I sat up in barked like lathi, I said, oh, man. I know it's him doing that. I just couldn't figure out how he was doing. I couldn't say, and you would think it's like you. Hold your cheek on the outside and wobble it as you're making a noise. But does Butler told me he doesn't do it that way? He just does. It was right. His mouth. Let me kick my last break of the hour and busy huh. Well, they make me play these commercials every ten twelve minutes. What can I say? But. Someone asked to do it. Someone has to do it. And. Let me just give the phone number. Somebody may want it. Somebody may call six one seven two five four ten thirty or toll free eight eight eight nine two nine which is WBZ ten thirty. That'll get you through to. Today folks because we get lonely in here. Jacksonville, Florida, actually, Saint Augustine speak. I'm doing a comic down. Here is the weather. Nice. The weather is it's really, humid. But it's actually nice. Okay. You you came up and did the Comecon that we ran a couple of times for Gerry summers. Wilmington going back, maybe three or four years ago. And I'm not gonna see this year. It depends. The Wilmington wireless was convenient. Let me tell you real quick story that I'm going go to the break. Andrew this only take thirty seconds. I was. Scheduled to do a Saturday. And normally I had to be there roughly from ten to four thirty and then come in to do the radio. Right. I was in Vegas. I land from Vegas. At nine o'clock at Logan drive. Drive up there. Hits the ground running and do trivia and all the things that go along with being Morgan. And then go home for maybe an hour and a half and come to the radio station that was a killer day. Anyway, I I'm going to go to the break time and temperature here WBZ twelve forty eight temperature route sixty six degrees..

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