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And that with the plethora of picks that they have in their probably will end up with more pigs again there at eight right now probably will end up the draft with the least ten that's what they're trying to do. They're trying to get as much talent. And I know that a lot of people say it's got to be edge guy. It's gotta be this defense. Guys. Gotta be this defense guy because well, the raiders defense is terrible. They need talent across the board. And the more talent they get the more foundational football players that they can put in that building the quicker. They can build this thing up and make it last not a one year wonder, not a one one hit wonder not over. Night success, but a long term success something that every raider fan has been thirsty for for years from me, Mike Mayock found at his press conference that the raiders are more likely to trade back than trade up. No doubt. No. For me. Also sounded like a trade back is probably more likely than anything unless two guys. And that's the say, I'm all the same names unless Joey Bosa or Quinton Williams is on the board at four I spent the raiders trade back. Mick mosa. I do Nick votes. Excuse me. Man. I'm all this -combobulate, right? And it wasn't if Botha in Williams or on the board. One of those guys will be the anybody else, I fully expect the raiders trade back because they do need more than just one or two pieces. I mean at the end of the day, you'll have a team the may wanna jump the giant to get to a quarterback. Let's take it once they're further. Let's say the jets take at Oliver to third pick which I'm here in his extremely likely the jets really think Oliver fits their steam better than any other Delima nd in this draft because their coach coach Aaron Donald and and Oliver is very similar in skill set to earn Donald and he feels he's a better scheme fit. So they take him at three that's gonna leave Williams. So unless Bose's taken at to that could leave both or Williams at four because from everything I've gathered. And I think been Albright's weeded out the same thing that I was told which was kava Murray number one Nick Bosa number two and Oliver number three Williams number four. And I believe it was Devon white number five that's pretty much, and I give you credit for that queue. You've been on white to Tampa Bay for for quite some time me personally, if I'm the raiders, and if Williams at four you take them and Bose's they're out for you, definitely take him. If you one of them out for you, definitely trade back, and I like Allan Allan can be a dynamic edge rusher. But the raiders aren't just one edge rusher away from competing for the AFC west Heidel, not just one edge rusher away from becoming a team to make a deep run in the playoffs. The raiders are about five or six really really good players away. And you can get three of them in the first round lock them up for five years to go along with some of the guys like Conley. Who turned it around? Last year. You know, it really the second half. And you had a really good year. Same thing crawl Josiah. He look at you look at Colton Millerton, turn the corner. Now, you got yourself a quality tack will hopefully now you found Asian pieces. But the reality is at this point in the game, the raiders aren't one or two players away. There's a reason why they're picking fourth in the draft right now and probably could have been hired in a win a couple of games. They shouldn't have won. No, you're right. You're absolutely right again. And I said that so much I've been telling everyone that the raiders aren't just one guy away their multiple guys away again and not trying to justify the Khalil Mack trade. But that's one reason why little MAC was traded because it was gonna take more than one, dude..

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