Detroit, Fifty Eight Percent discussed on Mark Levin


The cost from places like where i live to detroit beyond that we need transparency in the system the mcc the catastrophic claims association needs to be opened up so that we can see exactly the cost drivers and pass reforms that we know for sure will make a difference in the rate here's how senator patrick kovac responded and it turns out that fifty eight percent of those the line item costs on my insurance premium deal with state mandates eliminate the state mandates you get out of the no fault system and go back to a torch system we have an opportunity to reduce our premiums by as much as fifty eight percent that puts us below the national average and i can do so in a way that extra retains a lifetime benefits by looking at how we dispense funds from the michigan catastrophic fund wbz news time is ten thirty three deputy attorney general rod rosenstein went on defense and capitol hill this morning as republicans try to attack the muller investigation more from cbs's steve dorsey and i want to why you won't give us what we've asked for sir i certainly rosenstein defended himself amid accusations from ohio republican congressman jim jordan that he's stonewalling congress on answers it's seeking about the russia investigation your statement that i'm personally keeping information from you trying to conceal information you're the boss mr rosenstein that's correct and my job is to make sure that we respond to your concerns we have sir rosenstein also denied reports he threatened house intelligence committee staffers steve dorsey cbs news washington all eyes are on the upcoming us russia summit set for july sixteenth in finland a bad idea to have a summit but they have to be well prepared melvyn levitsky is a former us diplomat and currently a professor at the university of michigan he says there are several issues that need to be raised at the summit like the issue of the interference with the us presidential election but levitzky does not know if president trump will be prepared to have this and other issues discussed them sure that putin will be well prepared i'm concerned about how our side is going to deal with you know a dozen or so very important issues in our national security and in our domestic policy as well russia us ties have sunk to post coldwar lows over ukraine syria and the meddling by russia into the us presidential election it's a story heard i on ww j michigan state police watching for speeders and a detroit freeway pullover dozens of drivers forty two in all were stopped on the lodge freeway in detroit msp first lieutenant michael shaw says of those forty two drivers twenty four received speeding citations there were three seatbelt violations shaw says he also arrested someone on a warrant and they made six patrol arrests involving driving records overall it's not a bad detail we put a lot of media attention to it so people can you head to time which is the ultimate goal you just want people to get to where they're going safely and also make sure that people aren't a driving gresley or or distracted is going along especially in the lodge shaw says the top speed was ninety two miles an hour president trump speaking of wisconsin had a cautionary message for harley davidson in a speech the president attacked harley davidson over the motorcycle maker's announcement that it is moving some production overseas to avoid european union tariffs saying harley davidson please build those beautiful motorcycles in the us build them in the usa don't get cute with.

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