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I'm going to cut right to the chase. This stands for right wing death squads and I don't think I have to explain its meaning further than that during the rally. I asked one of these proudest of boys what his payment and he seemed to be less than proud that I knew here was his response. Caesar what that means is the one that says our WD S. I can find that on the point I'm making is that while. There was no direct violence today. That does not not mean there is nothing to worry about in this rally. Would I saw enrichment was the coming together of a potential American insurgent movement tens of thousands strong and of course I. There was no violence on the twentieth. The F. B. I.. Made sure of that. And the sheer number of firearms present injured. The police were extra careful as well. No tear gas was deployed to clear the streets. Protesters were allowed to mask up which is legal under Virginia Law. The excuse given to one of my colleagues is that it was cold outside. But no the Virginia Gun. Kerfuffle fussell was not interesting because of what happened on the twentieth. The rally itself was mostly just a bunch of heavily armed men talking to one another while every so often. Alex Jones rolled around the perimeter in armored vehicle. Shouting nonsense. The most of what is interesting about the twentieth happened beneath the surface. And that's the story. I'm going in detail now. It all starts with a fellow named William S Lind. He's a Christian conservative author and a widely cited thinker and. He's one of the originators of the concept of fourth generation ration- warfare. We appear defines this as quote conflict characterized by a blurring of the lines between war and politics combatants and civilians. Linda's the kind of guy who thinks police should carry rocket propelled grenades in that mass. Hanging is the best solution to inner city crime he's a major inflection point for the theory that Cultural Marxists are trying to take over America. If you're listening to this podcast there is a very good chance. That William S Lind wants you dead. He's also friends with President. Donald Donald Trump or at least the two of met they posed together in April. Two Thousand Sixteen and Lind handed him a copy of his book the next conservatism. This book which was circulated widely among trump's trump's campaign staff urges the establishment of a network of local anti-government militia groups to fight domestic terrorism. These groups should report to county. sheriffs Lindsey ideas have been adopted by the constitutional sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. CS basically believes local sheriff's should have their own armies during the two thousand sixteen election. The Peo- a leadership had significant documented ties with the trump campaign today the works closely with the oath keepers. Many of their members are Virginia sheriffs. WHO Head of this rally have threatened to engage in open rebellion against the state government culpeper county? Sheriff Scott Jenkins for example has promised the deputies thousands of our citizens if Richmond passes gun control regulations dozens of counties have declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries. And this is not isolated to Virginia. The the same phenomenon is occurring for example in Oregon. Where late last year conservative legislators fled the state in order to stall voting on a gun? Control Bill while they hid they were protected by members of various militias including the three percenters. The oath keepers in constitutional sheriffs. I know this is a lot to take. If you haven't visited the places I visited. Talk to the folks. I've talked talk to read the things I've read a lot of. It's going to seem like conspiratorial rambling. All I can do assure you that it's not another reporter a better reporter than me Bruce. Wilson has done a huge huge amount of the late work in documenting these connections his blog. fourth-generation war is important reading. Bruce plays attention to the media network. This nascent insurgency has set up he lays out the connections better than I ever could. And I'm going to quote him now quote. Richard Macke the top lobbyist for gun owners of America headed by Larry Pratt now Pratt. It builds row by rolling stone. As the gun owner secret weapon has praised the activities of civilian militias under Guatemalan President Ifrane realist Monte who scorched earth counterinsurgency campaign in Guatemala Mullahs in the early nineteen eighties. was ruled to be genocidal but Pratt also has close ties to the theocratic Christian reconstructionist movement. Some experts consider him part of CR back in the early eighties. He contributed a chapter on militias to a key CR strategy book and his sociologist. James Game and Archie has documented. The American bullish movement has long been a part of the Christian reconstruction a strategy energy it's long game for eventual theocracy. And I want to break in here and say two things one is that Christian reconstructionist is basically Christian. Dominion the idea that the the United States needs to go back to being a Christian dominated state where for example non-christian behavior would be punishable by for example execution which is something that is believed by a guy named Matt Shea who is a lawmaker up in Washington Who has been found to have committed acts of domestic Tehran at least three occasions but hasn't been arrested because of the sheer amount of militia support? That he has so. Yeah the other thing I should note Is that Larry Pratt. The head of gun owners for America. The group that Richard Macke works for Larry Pratt was a regular guest on Alex Jones Info War show so just so you know all of these people. All these people who were at the twentieth are very connected. All right I'm going to quote from Bruce Wilson again backpack his new remember. That's the constitutional sheriff's group. VP of operations is a guy named Sam Bushman who runs a tiny but national radio radio network liberty newsradio which carries a show called the political cesspool. which is the premier white supremacist radio? Show in America bar. None but also eleanor happens to carry the radio. Show Washington State legislator match shape it was just exposed for his involvement in domestic terrorism pursuant. Who is planned for creating a fifty first biblical state in eastern Washington State? It wasn't the first time the show Liberty Roundtable had featured mcshea now back in two thousand sixteen. When I was writing on trump and Lind I noticed something quite extraordinary going on with the L.? Our show suddenly suddenly top members and surrogates of the trump for president. Effort started appearing on the show day after day including appearances from trump's two sons now these were individuals who who could have been on Fox almost at will. So are they doing on a tiny radio network with one big station and five to six stations. The size of Nats Two answers I. The entrance point for the whole thing was when the trump campaign reached out to get one of the trump boys on the political cesspool which remember Bushman's radio network hosts now a quick digression. The Cesspool is hosted by James Edwards. Who's on the Board for the Council.

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William S Lind, Donald Donald Trump, Larry Pratt discussed on Worst Year Ever

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