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A busy summit agenda i'm an charac fox news president trump is in finland for the historic meeting with russian president vladimir putin many topics are expected to be discussed as president trump said the expectations are very low but he's made it consistently clear that he thinks it is no bad thing to have good relations with russia and he has a point these are the world's two largest nuclear powers at the moment that level of contact is incredibly low it operates really only at a chief of staff military level and to bring it up a little bit to avoid the possibility of dangerous confrontation as for example we saw the possibility of in syria earlier this year is no bad thing they have a lot about they have a lot to talk about in syria they have a lot to talk about in ukraine they have a lot to talk about in terms of arms control and that is something that president putin has consistently said that he wants to talk about skynews diana magnay report getting ahead of the summit white house security adviser john bolton on abc's this week to discuss the agenda and withdrawal of us troops in syria the whole situation in syria will be a discussion that the two leaders will have in large part because it's getting more serious but i think the president's made it clear that we are there until the isis territorial caliphate is removed and as long as the iranian menace continues throughout the middle east there are two thousand us troops in syria france celebrates its second world cup win in the the last time at twenty years ago looking to watch for referee desktop utah the call on fox france beating croatia four two troublemakers marring some of the festivities on the sean cillizza breaking the window of a major store from the fox sports studios in los angeles here's any garcia baseball we are at the allstar break checking the division races at the break the dodgers are in first place in the nfc west half game up on zona thanks to a five g went over the angels and the donald bax five one loss the braves as for atlanta docker philadelphia for first in the east phillies lost to the marlins tend to five cubs over the padres seven four chicago has a two and a half game lead over milwaukee the nfl centrally brewers lost to the pirates seven six in ten innings milwaukee's dropped six in a row going into the all star break red sox over the blue jays five to two boston leads new york by four and a half of the top spot in the east yankees lost to the indians five to to cleveland holds a seven and a half game lead atop the al central to break and the astros lost to the tigers six three houston still leads seattle by five games for i in the al west soccer world cup final france beat croatia four to two tennis men's wimbledon final novak djokovic beat kevin anderson in straightsets sports wimbledon title could start at fifteen dollars restrictions in charges may apply coming to fedex forum september sixth through ninth get your tickets today peres augustus.

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