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Actually to warn you about. The other Zanger's I the west on the ground volunteers walked through parks looked in cars tenth and basically wolf people. Love your neighborhood, west LA. Monica Rix, KFI News Radio station. For the record. I was I want to start using this as a barber. Yeah. It's it's great. I've heard the great live. Anyway, Greta van Susteren is saying, no, you you can YouTube it the whole albums I. Yeah. Yeah. Who knew who knew that she had the pipes. Knew that. That her her erstwhile TV career would would would launch this this sound. The voice is higher than hers. So at least there anyway. So like to them, I like them. It's definitely it's a return to the rock and roll. Did you say no nominations Grammy's? I know I said I thought I thought they were. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, this this song came out about a year and a half ago. And this this one friend of mine friend of mine, whose whose on air name is is a leg room, and it's the nickname on this other FM rock station. He said, hey, you got places the bumper. And and I think he's kidding. I thought it was like an unreleased Led Zeppelin song. Shirt sound like right. And so by the way, I tweeted out the two thousand four movie collateral the Coyote seen so that's that's what's out there. The the downtown LA.

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