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Not only be my favorite of the summer holidays. It might be the best day of the entire year and we have to celebrate our nation's wonderful independence right. That is the wrong answer. The correct answer would be one memorial day. Starting this summer you got a couple of months of laziness going on you. Shed the winter if the second answer is labor day because like you said it's the start of the nfl season and third and probably one of the worst holidays fourth of july because of fucking fireworks. Which i hate so that he can be oppressive right. Yeah yeah that too. But it's funny that you would hate labor day when i mean i see labor day and all i think about the nfl. And it's a beautiful feeling. Did you see last week on the erin andrews. Chris thompson podcast. The story they told about. Larry david getting in the elevator. Tom brady incredible. Is that not just a phenomenal story. That just makes you smile so much so let me just talk people quickly. If they missed it it was at the kentucky derby few years ago thomson the elevator with a bunch of people. Larry walks in and according to chris thompson. You have to watch her do it. Because she does the perfect. Larry's larry there in the elevator. Tom doesn't say a word. I mean larry doesn't say where it's tom brady. Says and larry turns around and goes. Oh hey tom and then turns right back around and faces the elevator doors come on. Isn't that beautiful. That beautiful is tremendous in the backstory. That chris has. I've heard that sort from chrissy before she tells it amazing. Yeah is that larry. Of course is a diehard jets fan. So like there's so many things could go down and it just doesn't even give him a time of day larry david. I know you've met him before you were at no idea. Yeah yeah it comes scarred scarred. It was occur premier. That i got invited to let me tell you something. I'll be honest. I asked you. They were filming in new york. Must.

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