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Split as the Lord there is a pattern of failure in second. Samuel chapter eleven it's a progressive pattern of sin and cover up. And that's what the criminal does anyone who gets into criminal arrogance always tries to cover it up. And they usually do it myself justification this, what does Vegas justifies why it's okay to steal from people eras justifies. Why? It's okay to be deceptive airing justifies why you don't have to admit your guilt, and there's a pattern of cover of even in David's life. It starts in second Samuel chapter eleven verse one and I'll read it to you. And it came to pass after the year was ended at the time when kings, go forth to battle. Did you hear that the time when kings go forth tobacco that David sent Joab David didn't go David Wilson that the battle, he sent Joab his servant with him and all of Israel, and they destroyed, they sent Joab and his servants within that's soldiers and all of Israel, and they destroyed the children of Ammon and besiege rabbi? But David Terry still at Jerusalem. Now, here's some principals to remember, this is the first sin in this pattern of cover up. David was out of the geographical will have gone by remaining behind for Zion and not going to battle with Joe app. He got out of the geographical will of God. Yes principle, too. You definitely can't stand by getting out of God's geographical will. And maybe you say you've never heard of that before. Well, there are three point three principal three. There are three categories of the will of God, I'll give it to you under ABC, number one, the directive will of God, that's point A. And that's that God won't you stay in fellowship. God wants you to grow in grace. The bible says studied to show themselves approved unto God workman that needed not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth. The bible says studied to show, the so approved undergone a workman at need, if not be ashamed. You hear that twice? Another verse grow integration, the knowledge of our Lord and savior. Jesus christ. It is God's directive will that you stay in fellowship with him by using problem solving device. Number one rebound and that you grow in the grace and knowledge via Lord and savior. Jesus christ. Now be the three categories of the Willard, God. A the directive will have gone be that permissive. Will of God, and that's you. When you get in Karnali that you when you commit sending your life and you fail the confess the sin God will allow you to get into Karnali, if you want to do, so you have free will you have a vote listen. You can choose to send no one manipulates, you know, one causes you forces you, anything, you commit you choose to San and number three or ABC the overruling well have gone, and this is a wonderful thing. This is where God Walla fire will protect you. It's a wonderful thing to know that we have that protection that, that overruling, we'll have got keeps us alive and the devils world, the devil is a murderer. He's a killer and he would like to take you out and take me out. Because we re present Jesus Christ to our friends. And doesn't want them. However, we have ministering spirits are quote, we call guardian angels at guards and take care of us. Protect us and I bet you can think of a few times near life, you should have checked out by something stupid you did. But you're still here God over Rune, and he kept you here. So they three checkpoints in the will of God, which are critical to you and me, they keep our life, on course, and they keep from sliding into arrogance Seth justification. Now. I wanna give you three checkpoints. Listen carefully. The geographical will of God is the first checkpoint. That means where does he want me to be? There is definitely a place where God won't you to be. There is a place for you to serve. I think this has to do a lot with a local church. Thank god. Won't you in a local church under the ministry of a well qualified pastor? If you don't have one in your area that doesn't mean you can't sit under. A pastor. You can do what I do you can order tapes, you can order DVD's, you can order material and studying home until God shows, you where to go, but the geographical will have gone, where does he want me to be indicates that there's a Pacific place. God wants you to serve him. One specific place. He wants you to be. I've seen people pack up and move to a new location so they can get face to face. Teaching from the word of God, I can name, a lot of people that did that they heard a well-qualified pastor. They thought his minister is fantastic, and they moved to his town, so they could go to his church and be part of his congregation that's called pudding priority, number one. So the geographical willow have gone, where does he want me to be number two? The viewpoint will have God is another checkpoint, and this isn't mean what does God won't means a think now David was out of the geographical will of God, and he definitely wasn't thinking view. Point willow. God, you'll see that in just a minute. But then there's the operation will of God another checkpoint to keep your life, on course. And that is, what does he want me to do today, are even with the rest of my life, and I can say simply he wants you to grow and use your spiritual gift and serve him and reap present Jesus Christ. This guidance is provided through scripture, that's how God guys you so you know what his will is his guide you through scripture, and you must act upon it with faith perception faith perception is an amazing thing recently. My own pastors have been teaching on this subject of faith perception. Not noting that the disciples prior to the crucifixion and the resurrection had not faith perception. They had impeccable data. They watched Christ. They talked to Christ were with Christ. It could see him, but anything I'm going to leave, I'm not. Going to be here anymore and you're going to have to operate by faith now and I'll send the Holy Spirit and he'll help you do that. And the Holy Spirit did come to the disciples. They did off right by faith. And you and I read what those disciples wrote we read the canon of scripture, we read the bible, and we operate by faith on faith perception. We believe it, and we act on it. We don't have empirical data. We haven't talked face to face with Christ. We haven't talked face to face with the disciples with the apostles and yet bath faith. We believe what they wrote. So this guy for us is provided scripture, and by means of face perception, that so we will know the operational will have got now David knew better than the lag behind. He knew better. And this is a principle. You need to remember, Satan will take advantage of your lack of obedience if he sees you. You stepping out of the will of God. That's a prime opportunity for Satan to distract you and defeat you so listen to how he did it today. This is a man after God's own heart. This is the man defeated half on the battlefield when he was just a kid. Second Samuel eleven to and it came to pass in the evening. I guess he'd been taking an afternoon nap or something that he of the day it came to pass in the evening. David arose from his bed, and he walked across his roof, walked upon, the roof of his house, and from the roof. He saw a woman, washing herself as second Samuel eleven to, and he saw a woman, washing herself. And the woman was very beautiful to look upon don't know if you're gonna call David peeping Tom what's going on here? I don't quite understand all of that. But I mean it's not a sad to say, somebody expose. Itself as a send a stair lust, obviously, he was taken by the moment he was being tempted in the wrong place. And he faced unnecessary temptation. Sometimes, you'll be exposed to things that doesn't mean that you that you give into those things you may see them and turn away and say, no, I'm not going by into that. He shoulda turned away. He should have given her privacy. He should've said, oh, my gosh. I, I don't need to look at that they should said, lady put some clothes on or whatever. But he didn't. He was in the wrong place. And he faced unnecessary temptation, this tells us something about Satan. Satan new David's weakness. He knew David had a weakness of the flesh. We all have less patterns. We all have a weakness you do. And do some people are have sex less like David did hear some people have powerless like many politicians do today, some people have less for money, less for drugs, less for alcohol, it comes at a lot of different forms, but you can bet this, the bible tells you put on the full armor of God. So you can stand against the strategy of the devil. He knows your patterns. He knows your temptations. He knows your weaknesses. And if you have a less pattern, and you get out of the will, of God, this is what he will use to manipulate you. So David strength is now going to be neutralized by him being in Karnali. That's the nature less pattern at work. It will neutralize you. It will make you week. It'll take you out. Plan of God. And you've got us in nature. You got it from Adam has why the bible says the flesh wars against the spirit the spirit wars against the flesh that contrary when the other as a believer in Jesus Christ, you decide who's going to control your life, either you're going to let God's Holy Spirit. Take control. Are you going? Let your send nature, take control. Both are important because if you allow the second nature to control, and Satan will be able to manipulate you to not present Jesus Christ to shut you up to counter, God's plan and to put you in the battlefield as a casualty the fact that David followed up on his lust the fact that he inquired about this woman is an indication of his own personal failure. He was already out of the will of God, he was already not at the battle Joab. Where should have been. He was already laying back at the castle. And this woman was bashed, Sheba the daughter of helium, and the wife of your eye of the Hittite. You may say who was Araya. He was a process prostate prostate is noted as a gentile who converted to Judaism, and your is name in God is my light more than likely. He was a Judy press alight. And so he was in David's army fighting for David, but he was a Hittite by nature. But he was trustworthy. Very honorable servant of David, this leads us to ask a question. Does God find you trustworthy, and does God find you honorable I know we all violate guts trust. Sometime. We all mess up. We all sin and God's always faithful to you to forgive us. If we use rebound, where the bible says, if we confess our San he's faithful injustice forgiveness, but overall and your fidelity can God trust. You does he trust you trust you to.

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