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Abc's world news tonight with david muir is brought to you by indeedcom poster next job opening on the world's number one job site today as we come on the air the hostage standoff right now it's happening were the largest veterans homes it america a gunman armed with a rifle opening fire taking hostages gave it is coming in from the sea president trump's big gamble 24 hours up to the president agrees to beat face to face with kim jong luhn what the white house he's now saying tonight horrific chain reaction crash on an icy interstate the pictures coming in and tonight we're now tracking yet another possible nor'easter the forecast models have now shifted rob marcy on it was standing by the major travel warnings tonight after this explosion and the discovery on another ferry why americans are now being warned ahead what's behind the warning with so many leading vacation we have to see this tonight a scam were out to steal your money doesn't realize he has called the police and 45 minutes what happens hyundai missouri hauling come and wish you would everyone should know about these calls and the famous american athletes with an invitation had two major surprised today who is our pursuit of the week ecb easy abc news to not with david muir good evening and we begin tonight we bet developing headlined the tense standoff a hostage situation unfolding at this hour the images coming in from one of the largest veterans homes in america it napa valley california a massive response from law enforcement the entire complex on lockdown right now the fbi and the atf are on the scene swat teams moving the crossed the property taking positions hostage negotiators we are told are talking to the gunman who already opened fire abc's matt government leading us off tonight swat teams cornering that hostagetaker.

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