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Drug addicts on campuses today who was so selfrighteous in their hatred that they dare come on a college campus at university california santa cruz right in my backyard so to speak where a group of college republicans were meeting not nazis college republicans and these selfrighteous s obese calling themselves progressives roque into the meeting in the library started to scream nazis offcampus nazis offcampus wanted of the voice that up it said i'm a democrat i voted for hillary clinton they said we don't care you're here you're a nazi he tried to reason with these fascistic progressives there was no reasoning and i realized that we're now living not in a very dangerous age we've been in a very dangerous age ever since obama was foisted upon us by forces we will never ever on the stand and where it ends nobody knows i have some idea where this ns that's why i wrote stop the coming civil war a number of years ago but i said how did it become acceptable for selfrighteous progressives the stand up and call anyone they disagree with nazis they've gone now from you're a conservative your first that was conservative than rightwinger then it was fascist now it's not see anyone they disagree with and they were screaming this they were saying you know know you threaten all marginal people on this campus they screen what is the marginal person but even a marginal person what does that mean it means a person who didn't belonging to begin with someone who didn't have the grades to make it in an academic sending some of those selected sick simply because of their marginal selectivity is that why they're there i never heard of anything like this well let me by a marginal person well what does that mean a marginal person are republican threatens a marginal person how do they could find themselves a marginal purse of what is a marginal person i would love for real nazis to meet the fake progressive boys on these campuses one day i'd love to see what happens when these progressive loudmouths really run into a real nazi i'd like to see what really happens it's so easy to beat up an attack republican kids it's so easy to attack jewish boys who defend israel a call them nazi and fascist i wonder what would happen if these socalled progressive selfrighteous fraudulent dangerous socalled revolutionary some spoiled brat backgrounds like.

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