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Three percent of his teams points while he's on the floor washington the only top aide team in the league without a victory over cleveland and they also trail the cavs by game and a half of the number three seed in the east but the wizards got off in this one bradley off the dribble on top of supporter fires of three advocates otto porter jr told is ice there to nine point of the pick and roll coverage very poor to the cleveland cavaliers here tonight washington a double digits in the fourth when the braun came storming back for her comes james where the minute set a team to go head a stand down the the twelve three points we'll abroad james creates a 3pointer i love who won at last time certain 438 away contested three used that should get to the room via the wizards nearly blew an eleven point lead is james scored fourteen straight points pulled the cash within three bud bradley beal had an answer george hill all overshadow landscape resembling along the half court stripe nine seconds to shoot cuts to the top with seven gives its appeal with five preelection here's white house inside the light tried hard to the basket late in the clock with twenty eight seconds to go the deeper beal seventeen for gilliat bray the wizards holed up brunt of the cavs one ten to one all three post game beal on tnt so you had to leave their got down to three other to push back and get the win first birth mother answered on the scars our the british their employees notices a game or was too team uh lebron surrounded on us i mean that's pretty as pretty self explanatory in a.

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