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Corporate owner is ditching most of the leaders staff and its high kicking dance shows which date back decades Now dancers employees and union activists are gathering in front of the celebrated building to try to save their jobs and the history of the cabaret known for its dinner theater and its blue bell girls review Artists plan a performance to pay homage to the venue an assistant ballet master at the club Jeremy bochet tells The Associated Press he feels sad It sounds like the death of the cabaret as a place and a genre in Paris I'm Charles De Ledesma Thank you for listening The future will be amazing and that's all well and good but what about today You can feel the rush of a 400 horsepower Nissan Z or climb to new heights in the all terrain Nissan frontier Light up the road in the all electric Nissan aria that feels like a sci-fi dream come true The future will be great but today it's made for thrill All you have to do is get in a Nissan and drive 2023 Arya and Z not yet available for purchase expected availability of this spring for 2023 Z and this fall for 2023 aria I'm Ben Thomas with an AP news minute In Buffalo New York a memorial service for Ruth whitfield the oldest victim of a gunman's racist attack that killed ten at a buffalo supermarket Civil rights attorney Ben crump says it needs to be a call to action Will you stand with us Again Hatred Will you stand with us against bigotry With another 21 people 19 children killed at an elementary school in uvalde Texas this week President Biden delivered the commencement address and his Alma mater the university of Delaware President Biden lamented the state of division and hatred in the U.S. as the country reels from mass shootings in Texas and buffalo and says we must push back against dark forces We can not outlaw tragedy I know but we can make America safer He also told graduates this is no time to be on the sidelines You can make the difference You can lift the country up You can meet the challenges of our time Biden also told the class your generation more than anyone else will have to answer the question what do we stand for What do we believe Who will we be I'm Julie Walker In Ukraine Russian forces continue to move on small cities in the east claiming to have captured their second this week Meanwhile the Kremlin says president Vladimir Putin in a phone call warned the leaders of France and Germany against the continued transfers of western weapons to Ukraine And Russia's defense ministry showed off its long-range strike capability releasing footage showing the test firing of a zircon hypersonic cruise missile The ministry says it hit a practice.

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