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Seventy five degrees in college park. I'm libra Harris. Here's what's happening. The Dallas police officer accused of manslaughter in the death of an unarmed black man whose apartment she mistakenly entered is now out of a job attorney, Daryl Washington represents the victim's family. We all he believe that the right thing to do was to fire. This officer officer amber Geiger was fired yesterday. A department statement says Geiger engage in adverse conduct when she was arrested for manslaughter on September nine the statement declined to reveal what adverse conduct Geiger is accused of she shot bought them John to death September six Brett Cavanaugh says he won't draw as a supreme court nominee, and that he'll continue defending himself against sexual assault claims. The federal judge toll Fox News yesterday. He's never sexually assaulted anyone college professor Christine Blasi Ford claims cavenaugh pinned her down and tried to take off our clothes at a party when they were both. In high school back in the metro a man was shot and killed early this morning while sitting on the porch of his Shambley apartment to Cabot. Authorities say the victim was shot once in the abdomen as he sat outside the height said Shambley apartments in the three thousand block of Chamblee Tucker road, his name was not released but police described him as a thirty three zero Hispanic man. Investigators learned the victim's sister witnessed the shooting, but did not recognize the gunman a stolen gun was found on the scene. No arrests have been made as of now sports. Now media day was Monday for the Atlanta Hawks was there and spoke with players about preparations for the season a vet in the game. But a newcomer to Atlanta. Jeremy Linn told me his goal. This season is simple. Stay healthy. I also asked him about the Ricky trae young I loved watching his highlights. I love watching his mindset the way he plays the game. He a fearlessness.

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