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Comments are in Naggar with just forty two points here tonight purple eagles came in averaging just over sixty six points a game make them the conference the grip to allow seventy two per game that's number nine in the mac we have turned things up defensively in a cold shooting second half is certainly factored in five fifty two left can he says with the basketball the sessions now at a premium inside of six minutes Malik Johnson ball fake fade away jumper nestles in by Johnson his first field goal in the second half after fourteen and a half minutes he's in double figures three golden griffins with double digit to three on the way by hammer that went around and out no good rebound Billy Johnson mark is just trying to shoot himself back into a good rhythm here's a read with that ball fake who got away with a walk there masted Henderson Henderson in the paint skipped across the floor caught by her reach out pocket tent in the paint floater that would no good tapped up by brown that best rebounder he'd Solomon back comes Niagara five minutes left in this one purple eagles down by fifteen do they have a run in a game sounds with it makes life goes right cut off there by brown but a blocking foul on Corey brown will send James town to the line for the one and one eighth team foul so for James another trip to the stripe is three for three tonight.

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