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Then there are not even from this neighborhood word'sincere for their hair embarrassed my kids are just data to that hvo you've gotta get out over here need to get out more in your neighborhood well i thought i got out plenty but apparently not know there's a whole new world out there with better candian ill gets here a bill well i know we're at that age words and then they sat there for like an hour the next day after school they sat there literally for an hour trading candy i thought that was the coolest part of your heating the triplets all dumped their came because anna was in a completely different neighbor shoes with a friend anna does need chocolate doesn't like chocolate at all all an and michael caine have peanuts so like they they dump it all out and they they had the whole like barter session for about an hour and a half to who all figuring it out yeah and then i just go their bags and take whatever i want you have no issues with candy uh well if i'm gonna do candy i'm generally not going to do sweet tarts are starburst or skittles cause chocolate has kind of my downfall soak so if i'm stealing from them it's mostly coming from tommy gut and we make tell me put authorises peanut butter cups in the fridge is that's the best way to have those so we have a stack of those nothing worse than a multi peanut butter com that's true that's true i am i didn't have any county on sorry i the well it's a should've brought cement no i don't because i wouldn't have eaten i'm not kidding i have my diet has changed to the point where i have very little sugar in my diet and your bam care out that i'm being excellent about it compared because i would have eaton how many you got four kit right yes i would have eaten all their candy that much yes i i love campi i love candy this i would uh wale that it's like he cleared that off your chest i love all your handy on the way to hebrew school on the way anywhere on the way that i would walker ride my bike i would have we stop off at the candy store corner store wherever was they all knew me if like going to your favorite restaurant norm while he adds air retiree rao sharing.

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