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I think if you can get John Anthony Brooks on a Tam deal, max Tam deal absolutely do that. If you consider offering him a DP contract, if that's what it took, he's limited in certain ways, right? The reasons that Greg berhalter didn't like him for the national team and said he kind of lacks the athleticism and open field defensive ability to play in a pressing system. But that's okay because the united only they press selectively, right? Like we've seen them press really successfully, but they don't it's not a pressing team. And anytime you get a center back with that kind of ability to distribute with that left foot, aerial dominance, it seems like if this is legit, and we're not saying it is. This is just some random dude sending us an email to a male bad question. If this is on the table, you're in Minnesota, and you have the ability to do it. I think you do it. There are reservations. Jonathan Brooks never handled heat very well. Like there's a reason why he was maybe the worst defender I've ever seen in the U.S., put on the field in qualifiers in Central America. Any time it's over 75°, he would wilt. And I would worry about that. But not enough to stop not enough to stop the signing. It would be, it would be kind of a home run of a deal for Minnesota at this point. He is not a random dude. His name is Nick. I don't even have a last name. That makes him not random. And my technical director kaylin Carr and my GM that toil, and I won't explain the orc charts and neither of you know who's boss and who's not between the two of you. They both sign off and say yes and therefore China Anthony Brooks is headed to Minnesota on a max Tam deal to close out the rest of the season. Let's finish out with this email. Jared and Milwaukee says inspired by Doyle's recent article, I had an alternate history question. So I believe Doyle, you did a piece last week where you put one club legend who has left the club back on their team for the rest of this season. Yes. Dwell on nodding his head as all podcasts, there's tend to do. I said yes. I said yes. If you could, so his question on alternate history is this. If you could extend dac mccart Dax mccarty stay on one team of his past, which would it be and he gives 2017 and 18 Red Bulls a Dax Tyler Adams pair is the platonic ideal of a double pivot. They win CCL, am I right? His other is 2011 timbers, Dax Chara duo behind valeri is the best midfield in Major League Soccer. Does it even matter where nagbe plays?

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