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Forbes. Tesla's says it hit its production goals for the year, the electric vehicle maker announced yesterday The company built a half a million vehicles in 2020. Tesla's vehicle production and deliveries for the year are up by more than a third compared to 2019. Reductions expected to keep growing with two new manufacturing sites, one in Austin and the other near Berlin, almost ready to open their doors and you could start the new year by winning a huge lottery jackpot. No one picked all the correct numbers in last night's Powerball drawing. So it rolls up on Wednesday to $410 million, with the cash value of an estimated 316 million. Meanwhile, the mega millions jackpot is rolled up to an estimated $432 million for Tuesday with a lump sum value of about $329 million. I'm Lisa Taylor. Investigators say the Nashville bomber mail packages to some friends before the Christmas Day blast the Tennessee and reports the FBI is studying the materials, the report says. Packages were mailed to several acquaintances around the country. With Anthony Warner's outlook on Life. Special Agent Jason Pack says the items in the package is this found his viewpoints. Warner blew himself up inside an RV packed full of explosive material early on Christmas morning there in a TNT switching hub. Over 40 buildings in downtown Nashville were damaged while mobile and Internet systems in five states were also affected. A Massachusetts police officer could have charged two women with shoplifting, but instead bought them Christmas dinner. Matt Matt Johnson reports. Somerset Police officer Matt Lima were spotted to a stop and shop grocery store on December. 20th, or employees say the woman didn't scan everything they bagged at self checkout. Lima spoke to them and found out the mother was out of work, having family issues and trying to buy Christmas dinner for her kids, So he served them a trespassing notice instead of a shoplifting charge and bought them a $250 gift cards so they could buy Christmas dinner at another store. The office of Mike Pence says the vice president welcomes efforts by some lawmakers to raise objections when Congress meets Wednesday to certify the November election results. Dozens of House Republicans and 11. GOP senators have indicated they will challenge the electoral vote that gave a presidential victory to Democrat Joe Biden on Saturday, the vice president's chief of staff, Mark Short, released a statement saying Pence welcomes the efforts of those lawmakers to raise objections and bring forward evidence before Congress. On January 6th police in Quebec, Canada Enforced Cove in 19 restrictions inside a person's home where six people were gathered. The incident happened New Year's Eve near Ottawa when a caller complained to police about a gathering at a neighbor's house. After a brief scuffle. One person was arrested and all those of the gathering were each fined over $1500 in during outdoor gatherings are currently prohibited under the town's covert 19 public health restrictions. I'm institute And I'm Susanna Palmer in.

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