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Fifty forty nine fifty W. W. J. good morning thank you for joining us on reported just seen it on time Jordan these are the top stories at five fifty a member of the Detroit police department has died because of complications from a corona virus the person identified only as a civilian employee it is the first death in the department because of covert nineteen Detroit police chief James Craig has scheduled a news conference to address the situation the later this morning in Washington DC if the treasury secretary and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer say they are very close now to a deal on that two trillion dollar coronavirus economic rescue they think a deal will be done today Wall Street is hopeful right now the Dow futures are up over nine hundred points we'll check your money with that Korean five minutes the corona virus outbreak is one popular California resort town asking everyone but the locals to keep out J. Singh Colin is the mayor of south Lake Tahoe most people I think are coming up here till shelter in place in a beautiful place and so I can't blame them what we are asking is the people's do stay home Colin says the fewer people in town the better doctors are reporting that people infected with the pandemic virus may lose their sense of smell and maybe taste of the World Health Organization is looking into it some experts are already saying that changes in taste and smell may be a useful tool to screen people for infection they cite reports from South Korea and China and Italy and they say it does look like it's a temporary effect former Finnish president U. N. diplomats in two thousand eighteen Nobel Priest prize recipient Marti Ahtisaari has tested positive for the corona virus the office of the Finnish president Sauli Niinisto says eighty two year old other sorry was confirmed with the corona virus on Monday says he was doing fine under the circumstances no other details were provided of how the former president became infected but his wife was confirmed a positive with corona virus on Saturday here in Michigan you still can get outside and take a walk despite the governor's order yesterday state parks and recreation areas have been spared from the executive order but state campground areas and shelters and overnight lodging facilities will be closed until April thirteenth the DNR adds that all camping reservations through April thirteenth have also been canceled and by the way southeast Michigan's metro parks will also remain open for people who want to walk and enjoy nature and get a little fresh air literally this morning but should warm up we are currently at thirty eight degrees we should C. forty seven by later today up next check of the of your money futures are up this morning let me check on that with that Corey for the Bloomberg business desk in about two minutes get yourself a lot more to Plano use.

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