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He tries to go back and she can't get out. He runs to the back of the house and says jump. Get through the window. She'd jump from the third story. He catches her any saves her after. He's already been burned already. The babies had some burns. He had some severe burns. He's still in the hospital. The baby say we'll have some burns but they'll make a full recovery twenty three year. Old guy did this already. Impressive bless him that by the way it's going to be fine two guys up and that awesome dad. He's how he's better than the ray lucas always thinking of. I don't know who the ray lucas is. You're thinking okay. It must be a baseball player. Football player bill. Your member and former dolphins quarterback on remarkable. probably why. we don't remember this name okay. You wouldn't offensive line. Let alone a burning building not good. Anyway we applaud rate this rate lucas for shaving his kids at his anyway. We're done thirty seconds. Thirty seconds today. We celebrate the fortieth anniversary of mtv. Just so you know the net. What was the first video. They played Radio kill video killed radio. How did you puggle very good. And then number two the second one they played. Yeah oh jeez. Everyone forgets that. One bernstein now pat benetton better run really i was gonna guess. was a dire straits. I want my mtv. I know they weren't there. It was third was the best year of videos. We ever had thirty nine years of mtv reality. Tv that's it. we're outta here. have a great day. Thanks for listening. We'll be back tomorrow morning at six. Hope to see you then..

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