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Wonderful app for it but it's just playing a word document but she's dates you know dates and i just underline the the dates and then put the stuff in and then you know keep moving forward in time so there's somebody who works at vox who who helped me work on dark money andrew procup and he he could he could describe what a disaster it looked like but it it's mazing helpful in storytelling because i actually learned this from the first book editor i had someone named john sterling which is there's a kind of a propulsed of interest that we all have in finding out the simple question of what happened next and when you're trying to turn a story into a narrative that people want to turn the page you know each page and find out what happened next you just have to create that momentum and follow the narrative and it just it becomes natural really a thriller and so you've got sort of figure out what that narrative line is and and people just want to know what happened next sometimes as a podcast or you get a sponsor that actually fits what you're doing what you think your audience might really like not just something weird that you have to sell the great courses is one of those sponsors this show is about learning it's about the idea that the world is big and it's fascinating and there's a joy to understanding it and that's what the great courses plus is about to you learn from the brightest minds invest experts the kinds of people i try to interview here about whatever you want and you learn however you want you can begin watching the course on your roku continue on your computer at work turn it on when you're headed home on the bus under smartphone they've got a new course that i highly recommend why you are who you are investigations into human personality it's drawing on research in psychology neuroscience genetics it looks at the differences in people's personalities where they come from and how they shape our everyday lives helping us better understand ourselves and those around us but it's not just that you get unlimited access to over ten thousand lectures on everything you can imagine you can.

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