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By Hamilton at the theater, and he's Laura long. It's bad on the outbound Kennedy where all the express lanes are blocked right now with a crash right at the junction, some local lanes are blocked as well with emergency vehicles. Can't give you travel time in the express out to the junction, it's twenty minutes in the locals forty five out to O'Hare. And anticipate those travel times to jump up quite a bit inbound everyone's having a look see an hour and fifteen in from O'Hare thirty seven minutes in from the Edens junction, nineteen to lake cook forty eight inbound the spur is backed up in both directions, particularly bad westbound, and because of some long-term roadwork O'Hare extension also backed up in both directions. In the eastbound side is worse than the westbound X hour. Thirty five minutes to Mannheim, forty eight to three ninety an hour and seven in from three nine hundred fifty two for Mannheim sequencing in twenty minutes to Cicero forty five to the tri-state an hour to three fifty five an hour and seventeen in from three fifty five and fifty seven. From the Tri state tollway. Dan, Ryan twenty five minutes, outbound twenty seven minutes. Inbound. I fifty seven fifteen minutes in either direction between I eighty and the Ryan outbound Bishop Ford, fifteen minutes. Inbound twenty-six southbound lakeshore drive slow Belmont to north approaching Chicago in grant park to Soldier Field. Northbound Stevenson to eighteenth street and the oak street curve to north avenue. Southbound tristate is slow perching the atoms to the Bentonville bridge and Roosevelt to Ogden northbound Roosevelt in pockets to the O'Hare oasis Jane Addams tollway eastbound slow on the ramp to southbound route fifty three southbound route fifty three is slow from Elgon to Higgins Reagan. Westbound slow approaching route eighty three and route fifty three three fifty five northbound is slow from Boughton to seventy fifth. Three ninety is. Okay. I eighty westbound slow approaching I fifty seven the eastbound side Chicago to bridge and LaGrange to Harlem eighty ninety four in northwest. Indiana eastbound is still jammed from Indianapolis to grant that crash though has been moved off to the right shoulder. Traffic is sponsored. By Hamilton at the theater for tickets. Visit Hamilton musical dot com slash Chicago. That's Hamilton at the theater Hamilton, musical dot com slash Chicago. Or call eight hundred seventy seven five two thousand for tickets. Get traffic and weather together on the aids every ten minutes on.

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