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Okay. So here's what just happened the soundboard broken. Again. It's not working for whatever reason. He's a. I swear I was watching Torika try to do it. And it wasn't working. But it's not her full, Mike. Four days. But I did not forget how to push it. But I think it's my computer broke everything broke. I think that's adds up. Thank you to Rica for that shadow Rica for handling put today, we're still beeping. We're still beeping are Mike. Let's begin we've sort of we've kind of touched on some of these already, but just keep going through them. Let's begin with Andrew lock face in the Jacksonville Jaguars. And we talk about actually here's a great little Pete behind the scenes. It's maybe not great. Maybe if oversold, but we do an insider column each week you and I are part of the roundtable were they ask us for amongst other things the upset of the week fantasy flop of the week fringe starter the week to start our fringe player of the week to start mine was the jets defense this week. Yes pick. I would do Johnson people Upshur people were like, dude. He just had a great game. And I'm like did you watch the first eight games of the season? Right. Duke Johnson's when my options, and my mom, so when I was going through players to sit for this week. My first thought was T Y Hilton or a flop was TY Hilton because of the great Jalen Ramsey in. How he is shadowed him. So Mike had already taken up the t y Hilton really jumped in there. I knew I knew you were going to do that. So other snagged him my other one that I consider it in the hard part was he played last night. Was I thought about Corey Davis because it is a very difficult match up this weekend against Gilmore he shadows. In for the patriots. I wound up on Andrew lock and Mike. I'm gonna allow you to make the case for this one. It's not that I think Angeles and to be a non factor, but it's a very difficult match up despite some of the defensive inefficiencies from the Jaguars over the past few games. Yeah. Absolutely. And we'll start with the Jags defense because that's really the key. Here luck has been lights out this season. I don't think people realize this. He's on piece for forty six passing touchdowns. It be a career high. I think he's healthy. Like, I think he's playing well. So he's deliver the goods, you know, some again, the the main reservation being the Jags defense say what you want about them taking kind of a step back and they've struggled a little bit. As a team. It's mostly been the offense. They've only they're allowing fifteen point five fantasy points per game two quarterbacks. That's outstanding. Second best in the league. Only two of eight opposing quarterbacks and managed to top sixteen fantasy week but both of them I mean to to both of them, I should say. Have come during their pastor games. That's something to think about. But again luck has been terrific five top ten weeks. So far there's some concerns with this game. He has eight interceptions only sixty three rushing yards. You'd like to see him running the ball little bit more as he did earlier in his career and not turn it over which is important in our standard scoring so some pluses here some minuses, I think the way he's played. He's a fringe QB one. But with this Jags defense at you know, he's not a top five play. Zeke Elliott's in the Dallas Cowboys we talked about this earlier, we alluded to this being a part of our conversation face the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night. Football more Cowboys in prime time. Philadelphia's allowing a league low fifty point six running back rush yards per game. So far this season. Mike, I Elliott run eight or nine and my rankings. I think I have made a flipped him in James white the last minute eight to nine, but that's kind of where you had MS. Well this week. Yeah. I do have many in the projections. And again, we'll the positive here is again, we mentioned this before it's a run heavy offense. Seek is the centerpiece of the offense. They they give him the ball. All as often as they can on the ground. And we're seeing it expanded role for him as a pass catcher twenty nine catches already the season his previous career high was thirty three as a rookie seventeen percent Tari chair this season. That's a big number..

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