Patrick Swayze, Kelsey Barrett, Colorado discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir


Search for that missing mother from Colorado authorities have been asked why her fiance wasn't at the news conference ABC's Clayton, send L asking the fiancee today. Tonight. The fiancee of missing mom Kelsey Barrett. Seen leaving an attorney's office in Colorado Springs. Going to talk to Patrick Swayze, refusing to answer questions putting the couple's one year old daughter in a car seat and driving off Patrick. What does the text message Kelsey sent you on the twenty fifth new surveillance video shows the last time the twenty nine year old was seen shopping with her daughter in a supermarket on Thanksgiving Day? Police say phrase, he told them that's the day. He last saw Barrett picking up the couple's child police say the couple live apart, sir. Can you tell us what's going on? This is private property. This is a private road at yesterday's press. Conference. Phrases was annot show chief I understand the Patrick was invited. Why is he not here? That is a question you'd have to answer ask him. Investigators still searching for clues after a mysterious. Text message from Barras phone to her job November twenty fifth telling him she was going to miss the next week of work later that day. Her phone was also detected seven hundred miles away in Idaho. And David investigators say they have no suspects, embarrassed disappearance and tonight stress. This is still a missing person. Case David our clean. Thank you to the Knicks of other news in here in New York City to Brooklyn DA, dropping charges tonight against jasmine Headley. The mother of a one year old son seen ripped from her arms by officers. She was accused of resisting arrest infest half into social services office. The DA says he was horrified by Jimmy dean is recalling more than twenty nine thousand pounds of ready to eat sausage links..

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