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Futures are down a 140 points, a new VIP lounge at Reagan national. I'm Jeff claypool. It's 9 18. Traffic and weather on the 8s back over to Jack and the traffic center. The late delays, Maryland on two 70 going southbound we'd had some slowing father Hurley boulevard headed just, past one 18, hoping something's over on the shoulder grabbing attention and nothing in the roadway. Then you will slow approaching montrose road down the spur onto the outer loop once again some banners on the overpass, grabbing some attention, topside outer loop you are going to slow from 95 to Georgia avenue, then approaching old Georgetown road into the big curve, slowing remains with our big delays on three 55 south, those on the beltway opting to get past three 55 and then exit it, Connecticut avenue, three 55s got our work zone that's down near pook's hill, blocking the right side two to the left will get you by, then you pass through the intersection after all to this to road, there's a water main break, blocking the left lane. Crews were looking 95 northbound up near the ICC, stayed along the left side. That's where we had the reported crash, still slow on the inner loop, south of town, saint Barnabas road down toward the Wilson bridge lanes are open, but there were two wrecks, one of the locals, one in the through lanes, both were over on the shoulders. You'll find in Virginia where slow out of Springfield on the inner loop, still heavy up toward two 36, 66 remains a little jammed in centerville, passing 50 toward one 23, then not least to the beltway. Expect slowdowns on three 95, but top end, up near Washington, boulevard, two and across the inbound 14th, 95 looking much better now, falmouth into woodbridge, headed toward Springfield, where a little heavier southbound as you ride down toward the Prince William Parkway. Watch on backlit road near Floyd avenue, northbound back. You may be under direction around that crash and an Alexandria we had trouble on the northbound George Washington Parkway and your slater's lane, where we had reports of a crash. Biometric technologies have changed how we protect our identity. I did me a solutions are designed with privacy in mind. Learn more at identity with integrity dot com. Jack Taylor TOP traffic. Chuck bell

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