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Vargas. And people loved it. So see I've been thought about that they need to go head into take that belt. You know what I'm saying that Joe do that fight in Madison Square Garden if we could get. Seats on my God at the garden. Love at the garden. Man You're long on under caught. If all the main event Elvis, I can't front. Maybe it's belong who's going to be fighting the nail bellows from from. You know if he could knock this dude out now he's showing his powers real because I don't think this dues ever been knocked out plus he's a decent fighter. You know young man they got to put this car together. That's on the car to resign, which was arial. This. Amount come on across memo now you wishing I. Know. Nine promoting I. wish man go with. I, was wish I was that easy. Now we could bring your diamonds back though. You know dominance adamas look like he's done. He lost that one time like your mouth retired India and that's the thing. But when fifty five dollars is one American dollar, you'd think about you if you stack and you just send it back. Making so much and your country. You know people by they building houses right away. There's no tax on the land. So some people just like you on good I'm done I'm I'm I'm I'm chilling right here by my river but anyway, what else are we talking about what we got? What we what we got last couple of subjects. Like a UK. To. Include Watch I. watched the show. So we obviously going to talk Goeman and Williams and then obviously. Jason. into. You got to. Start. With that thing because I don't. I just realized that actually L. surprise really hurting. So there's actually a managed by a Shitty Finkel. Saw I I was actually very surprised to hear that That was cool. I it is an up and coming kid is like. According to Dominic, Ingo like famous like trainer out here in the UK is last project, right? So is the last like you know kind of kids that has come from his Jim that it wants to take from that level all the way up to channel titles, world champion. So and and after that is done like investing in boxing light goes me just be like two or next issue about the people that he did that like account broke, for example. So I mean we call him talk too much about the opposition level that he was in their wave. is going to be I guess I trying to make his market like one sixty, eight super middleweight division and it'll based on makers opposition. It looks Nice but he's supposed to do that to those kind of guys. So I I can't really just be jumping on the the hype trend too much older signs are looking good by you have like. a good fighter with a good. Trina with like a promotion that is like behind him and a manager that tells me that you know is looking ahead and to. You know am I gonNa make my name in the US right. So having like a Shelly Finkel as a manager is an unusual move in the UK but a smart move especially in that one sixtieth division. So the only thing I can add to that is that. If trains you know I'm GonNa pay attention ingle also trains William who we talking about later and he trains used to train anyway and not to train Kelly Brook for the Crawford Fight and the last thing I'll says that I, hope. I can look like Inglewood Day because I bet you he's he's my age or older. Older ordered. My man guns insane. It's crazy. No. Seriously I'm out the screen shot with him and Leon Williams insane. So my take A. Wait I notable yes. So might take on his Williams demand definitely looks department he he looks like you know what? I'm saying Nice Taw strapping young men. You know what? I'm saying handsome good talker good sense of humor in the ring. He does good combinations was doing four and five combinations to the body was gone up to the head. He's working the JAB. Beautifully he could take parts his re Iq for the level that he's at he showed his I Q I'm really excited about this kid man I was watching fighting it just brought me back memories of like jerk has occupied. Type of fighter that will he could be obviously with the competition. Going up, he can show more of his skill set but yet he something to look out for and remember until you really Hutchinson man out of the Ain't good. He fights with his own style mixed in a little bit of with the ingles style united and and they have all reason to be high on this fighter and I'm not surprised. Shelly figure got his head all he really Hudson's business. You know what I'm saying making happen. This is It was an amazing fight to watch. He's definitely at amazing fighter to keep watch up to keep notice of also I can't remember his name was trying to remember his name, but there's another fighter that was on the card He's a cousin of Prince Naseem Hamed you do you remember his name maybe? He was an undefeated fighter. He was out of the. On the on the on the. Right to upset. You said. We need to double back You know obviously, I've seen the quick knockout the Jambek I can't pronounce his last name. He's going to teach us how to pronounce it but I'll tell you this then. We could. We could just call him. Khazakh style is his nickname. First name is John Belk witches is in to. Thicken he's nine in no five Cao's. He's the WBO global. In the WBZ, continental America Champion You know he's an Asian champion he's trained by Buddy mcgirt. He was on the ESPN card and we we forgot to talk about his very fast and brutal knock cow of I don't know who he knocked out, but he slept them. ass. Up Style. Yeah. But that does the thing that I think. So I I I'm GONNA GONNA take a passer is name like so exotic Nitpick Alemka newly. So alum, Cannoli Celo but yeah, I mean like again, right we talking about it eight an old guy that has like some in Oh hi behind him a little bit bag that we d Hutchinson is so I guess like we we have to give him like the same kind. Of credit especially getting spectacular knockouts like you said, right so on that's on that platform same way whereas we hyping up like Elvis way we have to hype him some way we have been Obama with Hutchinson, right so middleweight division Sims, you know there is like. Another guy from Kazakhstan India right. So another punch of from Kazakhstan. So shuttled to not country just like you know being a hotbed for boxing since forever. But now on on a professional level, they've always been a big so country. With like a good tradition in boxing but over the last six seven years or so we've kind of seeing much more study fights out there and they all have that you know power that we talk about right. So as interesting interesting to know that he is science atop bring but managed by eagles cleanest who has you know Loma, Chanko and And and Alexander. And all those those eastern Europeans. Almost all the Russian guys but not all of them. Were couvert, for example, is now under him? All right. So the talk about the other fight on the card routine moheb Fazal Deen. God Luke Jones Fazal dealings, cuzner prisoners inhabit he's had an off and on career he's been Professional for four or five years. These had you know fights here days only had about eight or nine fights and he taken on Jones. Who is also one of those blue collar. Working man who fights and he just needed opportunity. You know he's been on the end of wrong decisions and Fazal. Deen was pretty much. This. was his this he he was supposed to win this fight. Despite. Putting himself on the stage right so because You're always going to run stories they all you know is a cousin of Prince Naseem Hamed's but the reality of it is like is not really a fighter has been making a lot of noise in now in the. Circuit many apparent. Apparently everybody knows him on the circuit they're lying they. You know I'm studying. Easily.

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