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Dot com. Get a precision tune up for only $59 with Michael and son Michael and son Traffic and weather on the eights to Ian Crawford in the traffic centre flowing about where you'd expect it on what is that suddenly become for some a three day holiday weekend getaway South bound on 95 in Virginia? You make way across the Occoquan River Bridge. Pretty sluggish is 1 23 South that we had crash activity on the Occoquan River Bridge over on the left on the right side. Believe the left lane. Maybe getting by. On north on 95 slowing in spots from Lorton through Newington, heading for the Springfield interchange across the Springfield interchange on 3 95 sluggish heading toward Duke Street again trying to get into the district. Nothing specific that we're aware of as you cross the 14th Street bridge into the district, but it remains sluggish to appoint just beyond Main Avenue on the rest of the Virginia roadways. Bellway fairly fairly sluggish from Tyson's across the Legion bridge, Route one Near Dumb Freeze is going to be both directions north of Dumfries Road there. Wayside drive Crash activity followed. Police duration may have some or all lanes, at least at a stop on the G W Parkway. Lingering crash activity near Park Police headquarters along the parkway before Turkey run right lane blocked delays begin after 1 23, and they are substantial South matters not affected. Maryland. Bellway remains quiet through Montgomery, Prince George's County, though we do still still see the slowing where we would normally see it heading through college Park through land amended on either side of Route 50 to 70 north beyond crash activity was on the slip ramp or just before the slip ramp from the main lanes to the local lead for Shady Grove Road. I believe that is shouldered. Now we had some crash activity Colbun Branch Avenue near Brandywine Spine Road. Watch for police direction. They're intercounty connector cleaning up the earlier crash. East bounder Mile Marker six at be roughly be a couple miles before you get to Georgia Avenue, and that should be over on the left shoulder may still be holding one left lane and the ongoing police investigation in Prince George's County Ritchie Road still shut down. As far as we know, between Central Avenue, an old Richie wrote for the crash investigation that one sadly end up being a fatality. If you have tried talk therapy and medications, and you're still struggling with treatment resistant depression. Greenberg TMS Neuro health centers can help visit green Brook tms dot com Today I'm Ian Crawford. W T o P. Traffic Storm Team four's Amelia Draper another beautiful night across the area, with lows falling into the fifties and low sixties under mainly clear skies for tomorrow, after a beautiful start, we will be warmer.

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