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And so by sell trade, rip quicks injury means the LA kings season is over. Well, they're already right now. Currently I think in last place in the National Hockey League. Jonathan quick is a very very big part of that team. You know when you lose your number one goaltender. We all saw what happened in the Montreal Canadians last year. Carey price was out the year before they struggled immensely when he's not in the lineup. The backups cannot continue to sustain their high level of play. I'm I'm thinking that the LA kings are going to struggle in a big way. Not having goaltending is extremely important in the National Hockey League. If you're not if you don't have your guy in the lineup each and every night giving you a chance to win it's going to be tough sledding moving forward. So I think this absolutely will will affect them. Yeah. It's a significant drop off from John quick to Campbell. Okay. I'm going to sell this. I don't think it means. It's over. But I think it's I mean, well, I mean how many times have we seen a backup goalie step in Marty? Did it right here in buffalo? We lost museum mardi stepped in one fourteen games or something. I mean, you know, as well as I do team plays a little bit differently in front of the backup. They might play a little more sound defensively. They might make. Better park decisions. They might because they know they don't have that guarantee brick wall and the net in the back. I mean, am I wrong with that? Am I going to sell this? I mean, I sit here and say that a team season is over. Last year when you know when when Chicago got down to their banker, I mean, that's what hit that's when you realize they were bitty kogo Chicago singlehandedly their season went in the toilet. Because Corey Crawford was out. Yeah. Montreal Canadian's went in the toilet because their best players and our happens when you put all your eggs in one basket with the going putting all your eggs in one basket, not you're not doing that in Chicago. I mean, they still have multiple ten ten plus million dollar guys. But if you don't have goaltender that stopping the puck, then you're in big trouble. You know, what quicks injury is going to be be a big big loss. I'm moving on because you're boring me, I'm moving on for time. Say canes will make Sebastian whole highest paid player on the team. Buy sell trade presented by buffalo. Sports. Jordan staal. Six million and defenseman Dougie Hamilton five point seven five million canes have the two highest those are the two highest cap hits. I hope figures to be the highest paid hurricane when the deal is done. So by trade canes will make Sebastian Aho highest paid player on the team. That is without question. He is going to make an extreme amount of money. He is the future of the Carolina Hurricanes. Sebastian Aho has been absolutely fantastic. Since coming into the league forty nine points and twenty four goals his first year as a rookie followed it up last year with twenty nine goals and sixty five points and this year, he has seventeen points, plus eleven in twelve games. This kid is the real deal, and they are extremely smart to try and get him under contract right now and not wait till the end of the year because every single day. It keeps going his money is going up. So there's a Sebastian Aho that is with the islanders organization. He's playing in Bridgeport. He's from Sweden. And this Sebastian who is a star player for Carolina is from Finland. Good to know. Okay. We'll don't those two countries. Aren't they very competitive? A are extremely competitive. I just throwing that out there. Just two guys the same name from I guess Scandinavian countries. Not as I. Okay. I think it's pretty weird. All right. We're gonna you're gonna see I'm going to buy not a household name. He really is. Not a household name right now. He is going to garner more respect as he moves forward in this game. He is he is a terrific terrific highly skilled player, and it'll be interesting to see what this contract is moving on address moving. Well, I mean, he could be in Jack's territory ten million. He's be more than pasternack. Why would he get more in pasternack? How's your neck is going to kill absolutely kill so many contracts, and he was the second rounder? So I don't know if that plays into effect or not okay Vancouver will finish November in a playoff spot. So right now, they're the top of the Pacific. Yeah. I asked grazie. Head scratcher, very interesting. But I'm going I'm going to sell this. And the reason why say this is currently you have Vancouver is sitting the top of the Pacific, but they have how many sixteen points right now. I think that they are playing a little above what they are. No, not that we're projecting. But I believe that they're playing a little above their head right now. Now that being said they have sixteen points in fourteen games. So there's teams that have only played twelve games. Thirteen games. Eleven games. Do you know what the wildcard is right now. Chicago's the second wildcard, you know, how many points, they know. Chicago has fifteen do you know, what I think, you know, how close that that the that conferences? Do you want to know what I think? I think the sedans were the highest paid player players on the team for the last couple years. So that therefore and there obviously, the best and most respected have the I think they were forced on the ice to gobble up all those minutes, and you've sat so many young players behind them. Now, those two anchors are gone, and all of a sudden the young wrong, the young kids can just fired up and here they go. You got out with the old new absolutely wrong. What you're thinking? But you're you're looking at they were not even close to the same players last few years. But no one wanted to trade for him because you had to take a license Deepak twice bars. Eighty six for the last year. But here's here's my thinking cares about stats if you if you put two guys with good skill and you give them twenty minutes a night ribs are gonna get points. But it's not helping the team are they of course, they are biggest Daniel Henderson Inca, come out of retirement. Probably probably you're looking at it wrong. And I'm going to tell you this is why I'm going to tell you you're looking at it wrong. You're talking about how they forced those sedans on the ice. And they sat kids young kids that didn't have time known. They put the sedan's on because the young kids in the organization weren't ready. They didn't give them all this time. I wonder what you what young player last year could have had. Yeah. I see what you're saying. Good for you. Now, you're now you're all done. No now, you're looking at a Vancouver team that has young players the Virtanen who went and scored two goals last night. They've got young players and prospects in that lineup that had spent a year two years behind those sedans, and now it's time to shine. The fans to it's your time to shine on a Twitter poll at WG five fifty go. And here's your Twitter poll, and we'll tell you the our thoughts on it. When we come back, the NHL should have more early afternoon games because his former players will tell you what we thought of early afternoon games because it was a total wrinkle in this in your routine. Go vote on that at WJR five. Fifty buy sell trade, the NHL should have more early afternoon games to attract more fans. Tell your thoughts on that coming up..

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