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Stopped, my captain knew the residents. You need to leave. The house has been ransacked Everything either alittle fight in there or first thing I thought was a robbery into. Of course we found to these Today Marks 20 years since emergency responders found a murdered woman inside of a burning home and kill Devil Hills. The victim was 33 year old Denise Johnson. The only way to understand in East Johnson story is to move counterclockwise in time to go backwards to the point Her clock violently stopped. She was, you know, fight for life. Obviously, it was a struggle going on. You wouldn't know it looking at this home that something terrible happened here 20 years ago. Horrible crime that is yet to be solved. I'm your host, Delia, dm brah. This is counter clock. The investigation into the 22 year old unsolved murder of 33 year old Denise Johnson. Counter clock is an audio chuck original. Listen and follow this podcast for free and weather together just minutes from now, at the bottom of the hour news radio 11 90 k X. I'm Ryan Gorman from I already own filling in for the team here while they enjoy their holiday off and right now to talk about some covert 19 vaccine information. I know everyone has a lot of questions about this these days. I'm joined by Mark Webber, deputy assistant Secretary for public affairs and human services in the office of the assistant secretary for public affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services. Mark. Thanks so much for taking a few minutes to talk to us, I guess the.

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