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We're running behind on time yeah. The actress name is coco. Jones shoes having a really hard time with the materials a toddler she was looks like an adult but she was like eleven twelve th the notes that are getting from the network or whatever that was like everything she was doing was too negative or it would be a bad kids but that was kind of how it was written. Yeah yeah on the fly. They're trying to rewrite it to make it more positive but it's not working. She's half in green makeup. Was that line about being adopted. I don't even know like there was some line where it's like. What do you wanna wish for and like you or i wish i weren't adopted art. We like were improving and they're like okay moving on. We're like no. I so we start. This mattis had talked but we're like. Let's go insane with this so i and i'm thinking i'm going to go nuts and all sudden matthews scott just goes. Do you remember the face. I was watching this on the closer atv in the dressing room and i i think he said he'd turn to matthew scott. At one point. He just went like just gritted teeth is looking like they're gonna pop out of his obeys. You looked both angry and happy at the same time we were running way behind and the last shot we had to get was like the opening credit shot where it's like and that's teeny or whatever it was and it was a shot of me and my family shoved around each other and like cocoa popping up between us and we only had time for one take and so instead of me saying the line. That's teeny go go. He's screaming in. It was just like she like ex. She's like say. I'm not going to know what the rest of the checking. The gate time to go dallas is i was. I was laughing through most of the takes. I didn't have a line delivered where what's it like what we all. Oh he shot art stuff wants because they time so we knew they're going to use close folded your arms but when you did these ars did not touch you just like it was absolutely insane and they said nothing. We're like raking. David was watching it on the monitor and come back. Did you watch everyone's watching on the monitor and dressing room and they were so disturbed by what we were doing that. They came out to set everything yeah. They were so concerned cocoa that they never walked the most. It's it is the hardest i've ever orla. There's this guy skip who was editing. I went to him in the editors bay a couple of weeks later i was like can i please watch tina bodies. Oh no we scrapped all of that. He couldn't use any of that like all. My god deleted. I mean i would give anything to watch a man. There's so many funny moments man. Oh my god <hes> this is this is this is the perfect moment though to bring up that i'm well known on smart for my screaming but i actually learned it from matthew scott auden we all did there's the famous ooh look. I think i think you should do it. I don't remember. I don't remember how it started is more of like ooh ooh grew celebratory and then it got to start off like that but it turned to they try to sneak it in as many episodes as possible especially in the audience when like call as like and summertime yeah there was some. There was one where you had a pause like you would. You're facing the move but this just scream scream came out of your face. Oh my god who scream thank you yeah. No you had some that you you can watch the baynes god alison. I was just reminded something a total tangent so tell me to shut the hell. Hell okay okay so you remember you used to sneak off onset quite a bit hiding out with one particular friend yes yet so so the kicking it cast was across the lot on hollywood center studios and i became friends with their cast particularly dylan snyder on the cast and so i would go oh hang out with them especially during lunches yeah i would be a little bit late coming back to set sometimes and eric dean seaton..

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