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There's the Brian Lehrer show on WNYC good morning everyone and here's one central thing to know about the firing of police officer Daniel Pantaleo yesterday he was fired by NYPD commissioner James o'neill not for applying a band show cold to Eric garner throughout but for continuing to apply it after garner was effectively subdued NYPD court ruled that while certainly not preferable that old was acceptable during that brief moment in time because the risk of falling through the window was so high but that eggs engine circumstance no longer existed the court found one officer Pantaleo Mister Garnham moved to the ground o'neill so later this hour we will play an extended excerpt of commissioner o'neill statement announcing the firing of officer Pantaleo you've been hearing brief sound bites elsewhere we will give you commissioner o'neill's complete ration out in his own words a luxury of our long format including what the famous video of the incident looked like to him and commission on deals gone agonize grappling with both sides so that's coming up first though with all the headline grabbers that have been in the news the last few days you may have missed this story which we could say is shocking in its simplicity a US appeals court on Thursday ruled that migrant children detained by the U. S. government must be given soap dry clothes and clean bedding sure say that again because it doesn't sound like a matter for federal court it's true a US appeals court on Thursday ruled that migrant children detained by the US government must be given so dry clothes in clean betting and yes I guess your tax dollars paid for the trump administration's argument that the law does not require migrant children detained by the US government to be given so dry clothes and clean betting but that appeal was rejected we'll see I guess if they decide to ask the United States Supreme Court to declare soap would detain children a discretionary amenity my first guest today would have something to say about that he is US senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon because he serves out west in the state not call California senator Merkley is not so well known around here but among other things that may jog your memory about who he is I'm Sarah Merkley co authored the vocal rule after the two thousand eight financial crisis remember that the vocal rule which prohibits banks from making some of the kinds of high risk investments that help bring on the crisis and bring down the economy interestingly Merkley if I've got my history right hell confinement or deny it also voted against confirmation of Obama nominee Ben Bernanke for federal reserve board chairman because he thought Bernanke was too easy on the banks before the crisis became full blown we'll see what he thinks today maybe some of you saw The New York Times website has a front page story today about the too big to fail banks wanting to ease the rules again right now for how much they need to keep in cash reserves for back up if they're bubbles burst again Jeff Merkley was the only U. S. senator to support Bernie Sanders for the democratic presidential nomination in twenty sixteen Merkley may be the only Democrat in the entire U. S. Senate to consider running for president in twenty twenty but the site to seek reelection instead okay maybe that's an exaggeration he filibustered the Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch for fifteen hours on the Senate floor and it was a video of Merkley added child detention center in Brownsville Texas that went viral in June of last year and help put the issue of family separation in the center of the American conversation did you ever watch this moment where he interacts with the police officer there who is not letting him man to inspect the facility I'm a US.

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