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Everyone know he's got an eye. That's why. I call. Him Winky and I thought everybody would. Want the one eyed dog because they feel sorry for. Him sometimes like the three. Legged dog. So I thought he was so cute but I know, him as not ignored him pass by so much actually, and I didn't know. What to think so went to. The front desk and I said he's been here the longest. Is great with other dogs And. They said well there's Smalls eight months And he did with other, dogs we are, tester dogs detest other dogs but you're, like he's my baby at what we met and it was kind of love if not at this side, at first cuddle and he. As, you. See he's a, dream, come true oh he's I think he he can, tell that people's the pig. Is, around He loves. Pickles well thank you for. Bringing him tonight Karen. Soak to, see, bless you and. Your work thank you so, much thank Karen dawn we love you I love you guys to and. The, only, other thing I have to say is go kitty block yes go we interviewed kitty block. A. Few minutes ago that the new president CEO of HFS US Yep Okay blocked by okay and I'm here with Conrad. Car He, was winning. The. Humanitarian Stephen award right over here Yeah looks like Guy and, Conrad? Your surfer right what? Is your name? Me. Of word Oh my gosh it's so great to all of y'all so Conrad, you're winning chief war tonight because you walked what from your to Florida.

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