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State car John Moran will declare for the NBA draft tonight. I believe he led the nation. How about this is this is this is like. I won't say it's completely like who is the kid from Oklahoma that what's the hawks trae, Trey wingo. Yeah. Trae young. Yeah. That John Mirant led the nation ten per ten assists per game. Did you know that he is almost is good as trae young? I mean, and that's the thing. Like the thing that people forgot about trae young guess shooting is his vision. And the thing that people forget about John Moran within Zeph lettuce system is that he really adds a ton. So one of the analysts was telling us the way he passes even is somewhat amazing with both hands. And how he could put it on a just a dime. We had someone on recently told us that I feel like Fred Hubner. But do we need this like do? I need an announcement from Java rant like, I get it. You're going to the league you're going to be the number two overall. You should enjoy it. What what do you do Prescott wheel and go? This is happening. I know but just like in highschool you announced which college ago, and do you make an official announce next ever because people don't know what college are gonna go to this. Everybody knows he's gonna it'd be it'd be different. If you type a press conference to say, he was staying that would be more 'climactic this day. I don't need the celebration of John. Let me ask you a question. Well, one of your favorite artists has a press conference to tell you that there is drawn where they just put it in a tweet. Okay. Anyway. So he's going to announce this later today shack says that Jaanus onto Toco is better than he was at the age of twenty four different players. Right. I mean, he says he's yeah. Different players in a serious note. I don't know if you saw this earlier Matthew Stafford quarterback for the Detroit Lions, I his wife has announced that she has a brain tumor made the announcement on her Instagram account says she'll have brain surgery, quote, I'd be lying. If I said, I wasn't completely terrified of brain surgery. I am terrified of them. Opening my head is what has she described it? I'm terrified of losing my hearing them terrified of losing facial function. I'm terrified of far worse things that could happen. And I'm terrified that. I won't take the time. I need to recover because the guilt I feel about being absent for my kids.

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