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Grabby. He was so happy laissez because we didn't miss a game. Oh, yeah. There's been a trend. What's the torrential? Our quarterback doesn't seem to be able to throw to an open receiver. Oh, dear. But. Know is the holy grail. Dollars worth being in bad. If they couldn't afford to pay him. How's how's Adrian Peterson? I'm not watching. Here's here's my advice. I talked to so many people today who are so distraught over the Vikings that I felt like you Lori because last night when I saw it was going down the wrong path at fifty I was maybe eight minutes into it could already see what was going on. Now lander. No, I turned to a movie that I forget about that. Just it makes me so happy in its with Amy Adams. And Matthew good goody? Oh, and Adam Scott called leap year has any of you ever. You've seen that movie haven't you? I don't know that I have. Oh, it's the cutest movie. Have you really not seen that movie? Don't know that they have more a time. I love all three of those people. It's just such a cute movie. It is such a cute movie. Yeah. Why we? I I couldn't have been happier. We got home guide cleared customs. We've got a home at like seven Claude. He's he's like all excited for the game. I'm like I'm going to go upstairs and watched finale of you on lifetime haven't seen it yet. And then watch like two episodes behind an outlander. So my yeah. And so I and then I just thought no anyway. Because it doesn't give you it didn't. I know I'm a fan. I just thought I'm not going to do that to myself. I am beautiful Sunday nine kidding. And I know after Alps is open. Yes. Snowlake greasy going skiing most been called for a while here. And making it at Spearman what is trending, but is Turkey tax. And what this is is college age students are texting their parents to say mom, dad. I bought a twenty five pound Turkey. And I I'm cooking it in the microwave. How long do I need to cook it for now they came in here to film us? I'd already heard about this Laurie. Didn't she's like, why would you cook a Turkey? I couldn't even fit into my start untying today. So if your kids are trying to punk you. That's kind of going around today. Danni has posted. I don't know how I feel about wearing lit up little mini lights in a beard. But for your man who has everything there are many lights festival. Yeah. Maybe I should get some for case. So that's. Ask a beard. I was like what's going on is that I know that means he's going to be Santa Claus Laurie. Is that what you're talking about? He's got so much black hair in the gray colored multicolored outlined. Yeah. I think I think it was just a vacation thing at least I'm hoping. Okay. I'm gonna ask him if I'm brave enough tonight Vasan basically right now, if we don't ask them someone else. Well, because it looks like it's kind of outlined on the top. Yes. The line of darker because when beards grow in their funny colors, Casey has black eyebrows. But his hair has become like, I was looking through Vanity Fair. And I go Casey, what are you doing in? This ad is George Clooney in a sued in a movie theater, drinking and Espresso with a beard and same color iron kind of gray hair. Oh, I mean, George what are you doing the saddle gosh, what a way to build up your man's Ligo, darling. I know taking pictures of you, and you look like George Clooney. Okay. Last year. I'd never I don't know that we talked about it. But we probably did. You know, how Orioles are all the different flavors of all the different players. Now. Are they doing meant what they're doing is candy canes. Common. Oreo flavor. So there candy canes. But they're Oreo flavor. Started last year. I think people like them. I don't care. I'd like a candy cane is a worthless thing. It looks good on it. It looks good. Kind of sprinkled on top of a cupcake or a little cookie, but the cocktail hanging on a tree or uses an ornament. Yeah. No kid. The only can Kanai ever truly whatever thick giants. The one is around. Yeah. Okay. Why hasn't someone thought of this before now because back when we were growing up with our Barbies, we've put relied makeup on them that you couldn't get off their rubber face the Barbie dolls. I didn't do that. Oh, well now, they've got little literally Barbie makeup. So I bet when you put it on Barbie. It'll white ball. They have press on little nails who would have the patience to put those little fingers and a little farther. You can't even keep track of the shoes. No, the shoe Barbies never had a match bear issues in their lives. Now, they're purple lipsticks. It has really different nail polish clever marketing, I think so too. So if you wanna go Janis posted these and. I think you can wear the stuff to. I'm sure that's rich bubblegum pop. Cuticle Oreo comes with your Barbie staff. Andrew Zimmer is operatives new restaurant in St Louis park. It opens today it's called lucky. Cricket and its trainees Tiki mash up and his favorite food in olive, his bizarre and everything is then he loves Chinese. Yeah. So he wanted to do that. It's in the West End. Good spot for. It sounds good. I can't understand how to pronounce any of it. But. Really the menu items. He's a self-described, Chinese takeout lunatics. So as menus inspite is inspired by his travels across China and dinners from his youth the menu spans, the vast country's culinary regions one tons and session. Chili oil chan- style hand tore noodles and spicy Kumon lamb dish of Hong Kong waffles was Shanghai fried chicken. Oh. Doesn't it? Going to be a popular place. I can go through some hot and sour soup right now. Sounds good. Okay. Sarah pitch kids cereal. I love this this go over does that sound terrible. What are they gonna be like lucky charm like that? I don't know. But they're gonna I feel it's going to be more. Like, what are the hoops fruit? Loops but they're going to be sour patch. Oh. Cabbage patch? I call them sour, Pat. No, you call them cabbage patch cereal. That's our. Yeah. Is like cabbage patch dolls? I mean who wants the patch doll. No. It's our our patch. Okay. That's a serial a different color. These are going to go over major major as my kids. Love the sour a on December twenty six at WalMart and then wider release in June. But I think this just go crazy. Yeah. Where did the year where do the your toxic veteran for a long time toxic that I'm not gonna read anymore bought it? Okay. But I'm gonna tell you something happy. Here. It is. Wait for this smile. The what this is from from Esquire magazine it made me laugh, okay? The smile is a facial expression. Someone makes that lets you know, they haven't had their bow tax. I'm done lately it typically indicates happiness one of the many human emotions experience only.

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