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What? Anyway, I couldn't find a picture and that picture I did for Brian bone Smith. It was actually for Marc Jacobs a charity, and I did like every flag my girlfriend Kimber Becker, I love Instagram. She's amazing. She's very famous makeup artist. And she's like they asked her to do it. She's like, I don't think I have acute Heine. But I know somebody that does before big butts. Referral. I refer. She knew I was going through a divorce because I was sleeping at her house with two kids in like single bed room. I had a two year old and a six year old, and I'm like there, and she's like, oh, it's good money where you to it. I said sure for charity. It's remark Jacobs is one of the best photographers here. So I did it. And then I was looking at it. And I just really like the picture, I'm Mike, you know, what not listen, I'm like twenty or ten at least ten years older because I had the two kids Mason's now. Fifteen he was sick. So yet ten years. Yeah. So I just thought not much as changed little extra weight. But let's just do it. And so I did it just set the camera on a timer or something. No, my my friend was there like we Mike. What you take this real quick take? Two pictures. And then it's always the first picture. That's the best. That's everybody's he's gonna use the whole thing. But I do because the whole thing I showed my feet. I don't love my fate. But anyway, yeah, I mean, I wasn't mad at it. And I really you don't see anything that picture on the wall. I'm naked the one I have I have a bathing body suit on and you don't see anything. So whatever people can suck it. Areas. Also, I thought like as far as bold moves go. I was like that's pretty Bollard because like Madonna and some other celebrities like Madonna posted one and like, I don't usually tease celebrities. First of all, no, one cares about my opinion. 'cause I'm not a famous person. I don't discount yourself. No payments. People are just the same as I try not to throw shade on celebrities. Right. Like, I'm just not in the business of doing that. But I thought Madonna's was like I was like you can't do this. It was a picture from ten years ago where it looks like in both photos. The light is directly in front of her face. And the camera is all the way over exposed. So it doesn't look like a picture of her face. Okay. And she's like here's me from two thousand nine. Here's two thousand nineteen and I was like this. These are incomparable like one you look exactly the same to this doesn't make you look like still young like it just looks Super Bowl. Like, you look like a ghost alien person. Looks so weird. I totally disagree with the Madonna, and I'm not gonna share and be quiet. All right here on your phone. I I don't really look Instagram that much. I just thought it was like no shade on her as a person. But that is like that's not a ten year challenge. Those are two photos that no one looks like that. Madonna's like, I mean, great. I think throughout her. I mean, she's she's of course, she's in her fifties. And her body's amazing again. Yes, not trying to. I'm just saying as I feel like you could we don't agree on very more weight well on on his own. Here's what I truly look like then a now versus here's a super blown out photo of me doesn't look anything like anybody. It was just such a weird picture. Well, my excess and one of my best friends. Lucas took my photo off of my computer like he download it onto this little box. I don't know what it is. Because my phone started sharing pictures at my computer inappropriate pictures profiting at what my kids to see them. So I just took the photo off. I can't even go through my pictures. If I want to I don't even know how to get them back somehow Tisch, she figured it out in the cloud somewhere in the clouds. Me. So I I was looking at Mike, you know, what I just don't want to do that..

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