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Thank god so i said mom i can't do that i said i could get arrested for that i mean there were somebody who spread their ashes that the parts of the caribbean at disneyland antigod inaudible yeah i would love to be my ashes in the parts of the euro but you can't do that so my mom said well than just throw me away she was but i really want to be in the target makeup out is that okay so she dies he gets cremated and i i had the honour that and so i went to target with a friend do you into you the friend with my friend christon johnston the actress chris akers in johnston who areas who so generous to offer to to say she go with me and she was hilarious 'cause i was really nervous to do it because i was they have eyes in the sky that my guy and i was really nervous to do a but so kristen got fed up with me because i was so nervous just give it to me we had put the ashes in containers and so she's had just given to me so i gave her the ashes and she went over to the girl in the makeup i'll in the makeup department and she's such as an actress social started talking to this girl like what's the best lotion for my skin tight and what is this meanwhile she has like my mom you know in her pocket and she's talk and so i started getting into like what christians talking about mike wow that's interesting what kind of cream in i hope and i look down and cheese sprinkling my mom on the ground and like all my elegant my mom's underground so they christa goes got over here and so under a red so i go this is unique you take the neck the other because we put them into containers take the other container and you discredit 'cause she knew that was important for media so i took dan i was really nervous to do it we weren't around to the other all the makeup tools and i was like this i froze it she was just do it just do it so i just i i did it i just threw the ashes threw him and she goes okay thank you and so we leave the aisle and i looked back.

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