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Such quarterback, but you know. Are you trying to shout out my young buck? The young buck of the real was our little real one out here. We'll allow me to then. Yes, sir. Yeah, real one of the week this week. Can I listen to it to my three sons, man? Let me do it. Okay. First, my young mother, the bell, 8th grader. Probably start his first varsity football game for American heritage school is weekend. Or Friday night? Yeah, not too shabby. I mean, what's the mask out of American heritage? The Patriots? Let's go patriots. I hate saying that. I can't say that. It hurts me, but let's go bear con heritage pastry. Let's get appreciate that, man. Young is doing this thing. He's on his grind, man. My young and tide belt, who wide receiver running backslash cornerback, got a big game against ten rack this weekend. Yeah, he's just an athlete. He kind of does it all. And a special shout out to my young and he's 9 and his two brothers are kind of linked together because they're 18 months apart. So we spend a lot of time at their sports and stuff, but I snuck out into the backyard on Tuesday to watch my young book zen bell training. I didn't have the time that I had with the older two to train them so I got him a trainer. And he is out there on his grind, bro like really growing as a little player and started to love basketball. So real wanted a week to bell Boyce. Boom. Shout out to the bell boys, man. We out here, mayor ruins it a week shout out Cory is out to the bell boys, man. Is it a weak man? No doubt. That's been another edition. One of the week. And also another edition of the real ones podcast dog. It's good to be Monday. Back back. We back dog. It's good to be back, man. Check out everybody on the ringer. NBA fee, take out, check out mismatch, check out group chat. Check out the answer. Also, make sure you check out our NBA palooza coverage starting next Tuesday. We out here, you know what I mean? We got to be about to be locked and loaded. We got all the stuff popping. We have we have a lot of stuff in the works. Make sure you check out black girl's song book with who Raza bell. Tell legend. Daniel Smith. Make sure you check out R two C two with who rajah bell. That would be the crush iCloud. Also for Leo legend, Cece. Okay, a quick side now. He's a raider fan, and I just want to say, I'm not going to go too much more into this. The autumn one is a joke, and I told you that at the bottom when it was a joke. I told you this, you try to get I tried to tell you. That's all I'm going to go there. But make sure you check out 60 songs that define the 90s with rob or Bella. We will see you guys next week. Challah..

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