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I i re- kill feels like jenga piece of the entire the unfortunate you know. I just think that's it's. It's not going to push back on this one because greg's best player strategy you had me until this point. That offense is fine with. I don't think i think yes he is obviously veasley. Elevates them to a new level but i think pamela homes is so good and they think they have sufficient weapons that they'll still be really really good without him when he main events if you tried nick but it could be like greatest of all time with them. I don't know people have convinced me in the last week that the chiefs defense not only didn't get better got worse in the off season. I don't think that's true. I think just the coordinator change alone helps too but i don't think they got significantly better chargers. They already lost him. I know they can get by without him. I mean you could. You're talking german james but you could make the case. It was russell because they're he's being replaced by a second year undrafted craft guy who was so bad in his brief time last year that he got benched for sam tevi who turned out to be one of the worst tackles in the league and it's still there tackles. Two tackles are rough but i would go with those guys gone with keenan out now if they think they're ok it receiver. I think it would would be loaded. That's good but they're missing three of their best eight or nine boyer casey hayward. I think yeah i mean they've played without bosa so they played without ingram. They brought in early and tillery by the way lamp didn't win the job. You see that a lot of a lot of fourth lamp pipe you know second round guard has ever talked about more than four so let's not talk about him any further keep by here <hes> the the the other fellas heroes waiting any longer here and and now i'm losing my microphone. What gives the let's round it out here a._f._c. North baltimore ravens greg rosenthal one of their great supporters. I happen to love what they're trying to do. As well i also believe from what i've heard. People who are in touch with <hes> with the the insiders in that building. Even they understand that the high end for them is ten and six at at any given time they are never thirteen and three team in their never the three and thirteen team playing the style ball. They intend to play a year but there are middle of the pack team that at its highest. It's probably like i say ten wins you win. Ten games you go into the plath weird. You're not you're challenge for every team from game to game if they're willing to give you i mean imagine the preparation that goes into that and on the other side of that. You're going to be physically weekly beaten yeah. I'm gonna go matt jude. On how about you. I would go marlin humphry. There's of all the teams you brought up. Actually the ravens are weirdly the toughest. I don't know it's kinda shows they. I don't really have what's his top frontline talent there slot corner or they lost one of the lost. Some depth <unk> lost imagine being an n._f._l. Defender you're out on the field and it's not just oh they're running the wishbone like barry switzer would they have mark ingram doing it and they have justice hill doing it and they have gus edwards doing it and can addicts and lamar jackson jackson different kinds of runners who has the ball and well. How do i tackle this guy versus. That guy like justice hill versus gus edwards are the two very different kinds of human beings running with the football. I was going to be a lot to handle. I love it. I mean what i'm worried about the absence of a pass rusher which is why i chose jude on bungles this is tough baez sc probably like geno atkins or something. I guess gene okay. We'll move past them. Quickly the cleveland brown's. This is an easy one. I would go like j._c..

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