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Will say when I saw Bill O Reilly interview, I guess it was President Obama back in the day? Yeah. What you had never seen Now they would never grant Fox news or somebody like Bill O Reilly at ever an interview with the Democratic candidate or democratic president, But, yeah, he Boy. He left it all out there. He didn't go easy on him and give him credit for doing so. I'm surprised he would hitch his wagon to to Mr Trump. Not not and not because Trump's bad guy or good guy. It's just Trump's almost irrelevant to a former president. Why hit your wagon to that? Because you don't even know if this guy is going to be running and if you're looking for position I think this is just a way to get back out there to be seen with a certain crowd. Do you think this is a Floyd Mayweather thing? I'm just gonna find anything. That's just money. We're just going to call it Floyd Mayweather after his recent statement. Yes, I think this is I think for Bill O Reilly. This is all about Getting back out there getting hits on his website on his podcast on his TV show online to sell more books. Absolutely. What? Regretting that fortune? Yeah. What a great way to to bring in some cash. Indirectly, and I think you're spot on. Let's say he wants to get back on some type of network. Yeah. If you're going to be on a conservative network, then you're going to get back on and get people's eyes looking at you again. This is the guy you do want to hitch your wagon to Fox, though it's not gonna hire whether they're not. I don't know who else it would be. What's he going to go on? The one America News Network is gonna matter. Who's Max Max? I'm actually surprised. Newsmax hasn't offered him the whole shebang. Anyway. I think he's not hardcore enough for them. Maybe that's what it is. How weird is that? Not hardcore now? Yeah, interesting. Now. He also promises a quote never before heard inside view of his administration. What it is, that's a great T. I'm sure I'm sure there's going to be some interesting stories, but I don't think a lot of light is going to be shed. Now. This is interesting. Who is the best life speaker you've ever seen? That's the question. Uh, I I don't know. See, I don't know that either. I I, You know, everybody just I went to. I went to the last event. I think at Reunion Arena before they tore it down. Maybe they tore it down because of this event, but it was an Obama campaign rally. And people were weeping, and I'm just listening to this guy thinking Well, that's wrong. Well, that's stupid. I didn't even think it was that good of a speaker and he's well. He's a good speaker. I don't agree with him, but he's good to me. I didn't think he was that good speaker. I thought he was very Rehearsed. Very I just It didn't strike me as something from the heart. And maybe that's what it is on a campaign. You know, you just get tired of saying the same stuff over and over and over again. Trump is probably I haven't seen a lot of speeches or, you know, besides graduation and stuff, That's not a thing, but I would say When it comes to entertainment factor for her speech is there's no question Trump was the most entertaining speaker I had ever heard by a million miles for us speeches. I'm not talking stand up comedy or anything like that. So I'm just Yeah, I'm speaking in political terms. Reagan I saw Reagan at a rally before he was president. When he was running and in Houston, and and he was very effective. Very good. Speaking knew how to do it because he'd been he'd done television for years. Such an advantage. Yeah, it really is. I really would if I if I was serious about taking my Politics to the next level, and I know they probably have some coaching, but I'm getting an acting coach. We're like gonna do it. I think it's so. For those guys. Yes. I mean, that's why they excelled in their other careers because they they were strong in that I would argue Ted Cruz, great debater. I've often I've said he's a bad politician. I mean, the way he plays chess. Yeah, I don't think he's very good at that. Yeah, I don't either. I think I like Ted Cruz. I don't am sure he's a fine debater. I I don't think he's a very good speaker are inspiring speaker Iraq. I think he comes up with points. And he stays with them. And he's not recognizing that it's not resonating with me. And he's like your nerd friend trying to be cool. Yeah, yeah, just accepted being the nerd. He'd be a lot cooler. Yeah. Reagan was probably the best speaker. I saw it. I saw I saw I've seen Carter George W. George Sr Dan Quayle. How is Dan? Uh, Dan looked like a sheep in headlights. I really did. I felt really bad for my shot at the day. Misspell potato. No, no, no. This is running for reelection in 92. He's at this is at Texas A and M. And there is a rally there and I went up to see and he came walking in the crowd in this German It was clear it was a deer in headlights Look on his face. He was very uncomfortable. It's not natural. This is the thing. A lot of a lot of people don't realize this with politicians. It's not a natural state for them to speak to a crowd. It's just not what they do. They're not used to it like George W. Bush, great example of this one on one every single. Yeah, everybody says the guy's amazing. He's great. You love him in a speech. He's just awkward and uncomfortable. Different skill set. Yeah, yeah, Bill Clinton. I have never met the man in person. I've talked to him on the phone four or five times over the years. And a I can hear. He's a smart guy. I and everybody tells me who meets him that he just makes you feel like you're the only person in the room. Yes, yes, and as a speaker, he was fairly effective. But I thought, you know, everybody said that Trump's this great speaker and he's entertaining. I never got that. I just kind of I and it's probably because I'm more of a get to the point type of thing. Yeah, I don't like getting off track. Just get to the point. Let's move on to the next thing. So I don't know who the most effective I guess Reagan would probably qualify. Is that right? I like it. That's training topics coming up here in just a moment. I'm glad somebody else has said this of all people, Bill Maher. Verifying and validating. What I've been saying about college and universities for years coming up. Wait till you hear this. You're going to love it. Let's check in with Bill Jackson. He's looking at traffic.

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