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Introduction from fingers in English noblemen and prominent English officials. Sure. Yeah, we'll Gordon. I mean, yeah, of course. I'm sure these are all real. Quote, he became a lion in the city. He was received on all sides of the greatest delight and deference of Kenny sorts get invited everywhere, but but accepted very few invitations. Right. Interesting. The health great banquets in his honor. Hey, one of the most important people Gordon Gordon men was Colonel sing us. John s. Lewis, the land Commissioner of the northern Pacific railroad Lewis at sought out with a wealthy newcomer of this wealthy to cover me heard about him Gordon till everyone who was interested in buying up to five hundred thousand acres of railroad land in Minnesota, if possible. Okay. So the railroads got. You know, God much land, five hundred thousand acres insured. But. Then he was like, I would like that I would like to buy. Okay. So it's Tyson that he's going to buy five thousand, not bad. Pretty cool, and surely that's a good amount of money. But he did put forty thousand the Bank. So he hasn't. Atas. It's good for you. Put forty grand in the Bank. We have that so and he's got these letters from people that are real, so right. So so it turns out, Lord Gordon Gordon said he wanted to resettle tenants from his overcrowded Scottish states also who the Sodhi, right. Okay. And was we all know from the history of Minnesota that happened. Scott. I spent a soda exchange program. All his guts just rate up game. It also is very common for really rich Lord's to pay for people to go to other countries. Now. Instead of like, no, get the fuck off my land. This, we're going to build a wall. The Scots on. There. Through the book and break. Factor, thorough thorough for the night bunch. Hands. So he said he wanted to resettle tenants from his Crohn's, scotch states to miss the idea of blue Colonel. Lewis's Mont. Oh, five. Awesome. Let's have got to be what lay on such a huge pile of bullshit and the guys that's Facing, got. it'd be great. Letters. I forty grand clearly real. My name's wise. Live over here in a nice little time. We just forget role against letters from some Do dude. you You don't don't know. know. I'm gonna buy everything. Reason to run a Gruden chick on you. You've got letters. People do what you like. The Notre Dame railroad at the time wanted to expand westward, but it was difficult and expensive. The company needed to raise a lot of money timing so that ever wealthy Scottish guy by huge lots of land from the company was very, very exciting to the top brass. Limits on him. Gordon isn't the answer to the railroads problems. He offers dig. Gordon Gordon in an excursion. Two different lands, I'ts all expenses..

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