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Oh and i know my people the you know what i made but now there's no i'd be disappointed highly disappointed so we have as mentioned earlier are that was michael kendrick's on with myself and dan buyer on fox sports radio earlier this week we have a die hard philadelphia eagle fan on the show ryan dennis ryan dennis does that make you rethink your opinion of michael kendrick's the fact that once he found out that it wasn't exactly human but horse feces that one of your fellow eagle fans bent down at eight on video after the super bowl does it make you rethink your support of michael kendrick's and the philadelphia eagles well i think he really hit the nail on the head where he's probably heard a lot worse from eagles fans about himself rather than the whole story alive in general but lives in bed that's that is i've had a few words myself okay hold on when you saw the video though as an eagles fan okay but sometimes but you all know like which one of your body's you wouldn't introduced to any of your work friends like there are friends that i am with and they'll reimburse remain nameless 'cause i don't wanna call now but but i would never introduce some to anybody at work that i that i care about their opinion like like any of my boss' there are a couple of my friends you're just never going to meet and by bosses are listening i apologise you're just never going to meet a couple of my friends i'll because i don't trust them to come off in a way that would make me look like a good employee you're looking at some of your friends your ryan dennis that are eating feces off the ground does it make you rethink your fan base little bit my best gases with all the beers consumed maybe he needed something to soak up the.

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