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We have a semi crash on westbound 5 12 approaching Meridian and the right lane is currently blocked. And this is why you're sitting in bumper to bumper traffic from 167. It's also a bit of a visual distraction. Are eastbound drivers on 5 12 or seeing really heavy traffic right now on north and I five traveling through this Squali and toward J. Blm's mink ate their husbands and heavy rain that's been moving through the area, so I think that might be part of the reason why we're so slow. I don't see anything currently blocking on the cameras in Seattle north, five drags along from the North and the Boeing Field to Seneca North found 99, often on slowing from the first step in a South bridge toward the West Seattle Bridge. Is lighter slowing now on south and I five is your traveling out of every south and 45, with a touch of extra company around totem Lake north bound for five has been heavy from the Valley Freeway into Newcastle and then more brake lights between I 90 in downtown Bellevue. Our next Cuomo traffic up 8 54 traffic sponsored by 7 11 that 7 11 gets 79 Cent medium iced coffee with seven rewards. 7 11 Take a 2 11 expires. 6 29 79 cents plus tax at select stores see APP for terms are Cuomo forecast. Partly sunny and some scattered showers and high temperature about 58 degrees. Showers could get a little more intense this afternoon. But then tomorrow a little less intense. We're still looking at a partly sunny day tomorrow, just a few residual scattered showers and high into the lower sixties. Friday. We dry out by afternoon. Mostly sunny and 70 Saturday looks to be sunny and around 72 degrees and right now under mostly cloudy skies in Seattle is 48 degrees. Stay connected. Stay informed. The coma Morning.

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