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I don't think he would be happy hit about you froggy yeah from right t i would not not at all i would encourage it i thought brodie most likely be better than me so yeah scary if your girlfriend had a sex doll you feel about that i wouldn't mind at all straightening as long as it didn't have a face i'd be okay now they have faces no you know there's a spanish inventor of forgot his name he came out with this robotic male sex doll and they're saying it's it's a quipped with the latest advancements artificial intelligence and whatever you need anyway the they're worrying about marketing because even though guys of course guys will have extols no you have a woman has it it's a different thing for guys who were with for some reason they just haven't they haven't bought into this concept yet i don't think his name is jack hammer but it would be great if it was that real though well yeah see i know of a lot of guys who they they have a problem with their partners women having toys of any kind but a sex does a little different in even though it doesn't look like a real person some of them are starting to look like real people and a sex doll is as if it's supposed to be like you're having sex with a person that's really what it's supposed to be isn't it you're getting closer and closer to some would say cheating.

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