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Question <Speech_Male> of finding <Speech_Male> what works <Speech_Male> for you and <Speech_Male> then doing everything you <Speech_Male> can <Speech_Male> to ensure <Speech_Male> that your able <Speech_Male> to work <Speech_Male> in that space <Speech_Male> and able to replicate <Speech_Male> that kind <Speech_Male> of space that <Speech_Male> working area <Speech_Male> whenever you <Speech_Male> Sit down <Speech_Female> all stand <SpeakerChange> so <Speech_Female> right <Speech_Female> Just to play devil's <Speech_Female> advocate for a minute. <Speech_Female> Is there ever <Speech_Female> an argument for <Speech_Female> chaotic working <Speech_Female> style. I mean <Speech_Female> talking about serve. <Speech_Female> People <Speech_Female> like punters <Speech_Female> thompson. These <Speech_Female> people who are perceived as <Speech_Female> very glamorous <SpeakerChange> and also <Speech_Male> very talented. <Speech_Male> Well <Speech_Male> i think <Speech_Male> ira hunters. <Speech_Male> And i don't <Speech_Male> think he's actually the <Speech_Male> best example <Speech_Male> of that because <Speech_Male> yes <Speech_Male> he cultivated <Speech_Male> this persona of <Speech_Male> being <Speech_Male> the wild <Speech_Male> man and as you <Speech_Male> say a bit category <Speech_Male> but the fact is the <Speech_Male> hunter s. thompson wrote <Speech_Male> for hours and hours <Speech_Male> every day. He <Speech_Male> was a very very <Speech_Male> disciplined worker. <Speech_Male> It was <Speech_Male> just everything else around <Speech_Male> his work <Speech_Male> but <Speech_Male> was rather <Speech_Male> less disciplined. <Speech_Male> Joey say <Speech_Male> i was asked. This question. really <Speech_Male> about francis bacon <Speech_Male> as well because his workshop <Speech_Male> was completely <Speech_Male> chaotic and <Speech_Male> obviously he was a genius. <Speech_Male> I don't think <Speech_Male> it's very <Speech_Male> difficult to argue. <Speech_Male> That <Speech_Male> being <Speech_Male> organized will make you <Speech_Male> a better <Speech_Male> writer because <Speech_Male> you can't make <Speech_Male> that comparison. There's no parallel <Speech_Male> universe <Speech_Male> where <Speech_Male> we can compare <Speech_Male> you know. Being <Speech_Male> organized being disorganized <Speech_Male> and see what <Speech_Male> work comes out of it. But <Speech_Male> what i can say <Speech_Male> without <Speech_Male> a shadow of a dots. I mentioned <Speech_Male> earlier. Is that <Speech_Male> since being <Speech_Male> organized. Getting <Speech_Male> myself together. <Speech_Male> I have produced <Speech_Male> more work <Speech_Male> than <SpeakerChange> i would have <Speech_Male> otherwise. <Speech_Male> And <Speech_Male> i'm a big believer <Speech_Male> that <Speech_Male> as a writer especially <Speech_Male> or any kind of creative <Speech_Male> but certainly as a right of <Speech_Male> being prolific actually <Speech_Male> makes you better <Speech_Male> because the only <Speech_Male> way you can truly <Speech_Male> practice <Speech_Male> is <Silence> to <SpeakerChange> do it <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> anthony. I hope <Silence> you change my life. <Speech_Female> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Well like i said. <Speech_Male> Let's not oversell these <Speech_Male> things. But i certainly hope <Speech_Male> that i can help <Speech_Male> you <SpeakerChange> know. In one or <Speech_Female> two areas <Speech_Female> the organiz <Speech_Female> writer hard to stay on <Speech_Female> top of all your projects <Speech_Female> and never muscled <Speech_Female> line is published <Speech_Female> by bloomsbury. <Speech_Female> It's by antony <Speech_Female> johnston <Speech_Male> and thanks so much. <Speech_Male> Thank you <Speech_Music_Male> for having me. It's been a pleasure. <Music> <Speech_Telephony_Male> You've <Speech_Female> been listening to monica. <Speech_Female> Reads thanks to <Speech_Female> the production team of <Speech_Female> nora whole charlie <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> phil mccord and <Speech_Female> louis allen <Speech_Female> georgina godwin. <Speech_Male> Thank <SpeakerChange> you for <Music> listening.

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