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Mrs Bennet wide left Matheson will escape to center a pass for Barkov is completed he sweeps it into the landing zone of Corey conquer. Immediately clear out to Dan Martell at center ice, he stumbled to the ace and describe Matheson looks into the lightning line about the puck. There couldn't get it away from Derrick McKenzie. You chips it in your Stroman, wrapping the puck around the far side of Martel Martell was checked, but he doesn't maneuvered out to center ice sceviour is up ended by Corey. Honecker no penalty plays ruled offside. Honecker was in his own earlier than sceviour exchanged shoves after the whistle. Eight fifty four left in the second period to one Florida. I was Danny Martell and Alexander bar cop who are kind of exchanging some crosschecks in front of the Panthers bench. Now, it's reconquer and sceviour going after it says your podcast always willing to get in the mix there as well. We have penalties stemming from this. Perhaps not play tonight. Just the one mentally after the lighting of the turnover and were forced to disrupt the Balkan alone chance. There was a penalty. Yeah. There's actually been a couple times where I thought there may have been a penalty that needs to be called. If you look early on and McDonough who is kind of tripped up and interfered with as he was trying to get back to lightning. And then unfortunately, it can't give big surge for the Florida Panthers there but fortunate they didn't score a goal, and he actually had a nice scoring opportunity from a nice pass from Andre pilot in the Panthers on stamkos wins a neutral zone. Faceoff Trojan headman stumping, though. Going out of play. So another neutral zone face. Both teams will get a full week to get ready for the opener next Saturday Amalie arena. Definitely have some million with one another having played each other four times how in less than two weeks, which kind of adds to this great rivalry. That's really begun with these two teams as the Panthers looked to become in playoff contention and the lightning another favourite to maybe win the Cup this year. Tro check one the neutral zone fee seven carried it into the lightning zone. He lost the head new trying to clear got high stick out of the year. By petrovic. So it's a neutral zone face off. A lot of practice for face off Cyrano. Yeah. A little bit early on. But here it's been not too much floated this game a lot of topping faceoffs. Stamkos wins this one from tro. Check headman in the lightning in deals to stamkos at center short. Feed. Matthew joseph? Let's go to J T Miller. Who works at in trying to clear you successful tro to Julio. Hop in nearly split the D, but he just bumbled at a bit and had been has it back long toss. Stamkos.

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