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Hotline. Um, also, we had NFL draft in the books will talk more about Aaron Rodgers drama Luca don such last night was incredible, 30. 20 and 12 in the Mavericks win 30 points 20 assists. I think it's been done by like Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson and Luca, not bad company to be in Pelican are Pacers beat the thunder by like 743 points last night, Katie Ah, big win for them as well. But, um, let's go back in and talk about the NFL draft, because obviously I think this is the biggest layup show that we could do all year long is because everybody I feel like their draft. This was the year that I never felt like there was this. Oh, my gosh. What is this team doing? Right? Even you said Alex Leatherwood with the Raiders felt like a little bit of a reach. Maybe that first round It kind of felt like this draft made sense for. Ah, whole hell of a lot of people. We were waiting to see what happened at number three. I think kind of. In retrospect, we still don't know what the hell will happen. It's Trade Lancet three. But you're, like, all right benefit of the doubt. Kyle Shanahan probably going to make this work, and he doesn't necessarily need to make a work overnight as well, too. I think that's one of the things I took away from it. Second thing I took away too. NFL's following the college football world, Katie in the fact of its offense, offense offense. You don't need to have a dominant defense. You need to have a good enough defense. If you want, at least make the playoffs now to win it. Is different. Go back and look at what the bucks did right. Still have to have some pressure. They did that against Patrick Mahomes. But I like what I saw out of how college football bridging the gap to the NFL your takeaways over the weekend. First and foremost was Wow. It's great to have a live event again and see Roger Goodell upon the stage fans out there cheering. Yes, they were in masks our ESPN talent everywhere on different sets. Hitting you with coverage on all different kinds of platforms. That was great to see. I liked seeing the pageant Regan a year ago. I think we just had to get it done, of course. And what was such a weird Landscape at that time, so that was first and foremost, I think the biggest takeaway was wow, This feels normal again, and I think it was really fun for a lot of these guys who were there on site who got drafted. You know, The biggest takeaway from me was where the draft started at Number three with the 40 Niners selecting Trey lands Now I don't know if he's gonna be an all pro quarterback one day or a bust, but they took a risk by moving up to number three. In a blockbuster trade a couple of weeks ago. So you knew that they were going to take a risk with whoever they chose at that spot, and they went with Trey Lance and to me. They clearly see something in him with so much upside and potential, and they feel like they can work with him to get him where he needs to go. And maybe Jimmy Garoppolo is just that filler for a year or two. Is that what you hope, do you? I mean, because it makes sense. Right? We go back and look at quick sparked. I had some time that that Jimmy Garoppolo stays with the 40 Niners, and this gives trade Lance An opportunity to grow into that role. I mean, that that that makes sense to me right now, because we want instant gratification, especially the top end of the draft. The 40 Niners are built to win right Damn now. They are, and I think that that's always the M O. For these teams who draft these quarterbacks, you know, right out of the gate is they want them to have a year to kind of get into the system. Tau learn to grow with whoever is the veteran QB already on the roster. Hopefully, Jimmy Garoppolo can foster great relationship with Trey Lance and help him along. I mean, we always use the Example of Patrick Mahomes and Alex Smith and Kansas City. People often forget that Patrick Mahomes sat a year and learned from Alex Smith learn the offense and when he started, he hit the ground running. It wasn't like he was thrown into the fire like we're going to see from Trevor Laurence, and we're gonna see from Zach Wilson up in New York. Wondered about Justin Fields, You know, where was he going to go and I'm fearful for him because I don't think he has the same luxury as some other quarterbacks in this draft class massage because he went to the Bears and bears feel like they're here has just become this abyss like they're the new Cleveland Brown since Baker Mayfield at least has the background at least graveyard of quarterbacks is what I kind of feel like and, yes, Was elated for Chicago Bears fans because it was such a big move to go up and get Justin Fields. Yes, it cost them. Ah, great deal, but to me it was worth it. I'm just fearful for Justin Field because I'm such a huge Justin Fields fan. I love everything about the way that he plays the game. The great that he shows just the resiliency. Obviously, when he took the shot to the ribs to come back out and put his team on his back like I love that kind of DNA's a in a player. I hope he has success in Chicago. And this isn't a scenario where we sea. We go back to 2017. Where Mitchell to Brisky, mind you They moved up to take him. They didn't have plans for him to go in and start immediately. They wanted him to take a year to get understand the game to understand the offense and then throw him in, and unfortunately, Glinton was Terrible right out of the gate. I think he misses the race. He came in the fourth or fifth game, and so he was kind of thrown to the fire, and it didn't work out..

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